Wednesday, October 06, 2010

A Vigil To Remember the Victims of Homophobia

I went to a vigil tonight to remember the young victims of homophobic bullying.

And it was an incredibly moving experience. They read out the names of kids who had recently taken their lives. We promised to try to do more to help all the others who are still suffering out there.

And S├ębastien and I each held a candle for this young  lesbian couple.

So they would not be forgotten either.

In a country where the Cons are waging war against gay people. Almost nobody gives a damn. And the real reason gay kids kill themselves are often hushed up because their families are ashamed of them.

Even though bullying in our schools is out of control. And so is the suicide rate of young people.

In Canada, suicide is the second highest cause of death for youth aged 10-24. Each year, on average, 294 youths die from suicide. Many more attempt suicide. Aboriginal teens and gay and lesbian teens may be at particularly high risk, depending on the community they live in and their own self esteem.

Oh well. You know how I feel about the homophobic bully Cons and the indifference that KILLS.

So you can imagine how I felt tonight, to see so many gay and straight people trying to make a difference. Trying to help our poor bullied children. 

And the only thing that worries me right now is that all this sadness could drive others to take their lives. As sometimes happens with teenagers. 

So I just want to say this to any suffering gay kids out there. I know how you feel. Believe me I do.

But you are beautiful. You are loved. You are not alone. Other kids your age are waiting to welcome you with open arms. Just like S├ębastien was waiting for me.

So don't you dare give up eh?

Because we are going to fight the Cons, the bigots, and the bullies harder than ever.


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Beijing York said...

Another great post, Simon. I do hope society turns a corner and makes this horrid discrimination a thing of the past.

Harper has turned the clock back and made homophobic attitudes A-OK and it disgusts me especially after such great strides were made with recognizing SSM.

Harper and his supporters are poison and every time they destroy equality for all minorities, they create victims.

Hurly said...

Hey, I just read your blog. I love it! I will be reading your previous posts and will also follow. :) This summer, I hitch hiked across Canada to create awareness on homophobia. Check out my blog at

Simon said...

Hi Beijing...thanks I'm glad you liked my post. It's such an important issue to me, and I've been so encouraged by all the media coverage in the United States. Meanwhile in Canada thanks to Harper and his gang we're going backwards, and even progressives don't seem to care.It's very discouraging, but of course NOTHING is going to stop me from blogging about it... :)

Simon said...

hi Hurly...I'm glad you like my blog and i like your too. And congratulations on hitch hiking across Canada to raise awareness of homophobia. Now THAT'S awesome...although it does make me feel a bit lazy... ;)
Keep up the good work, and keep spreading that message, because a lot of people need to hear it...