Monday, June 05, 2023

Will Danielle Smith Help Destroy Pierre Poilievre?

I couldn't stay up to watch the coronation of the mad Con Queen Danielle Smith. I already knew that in a backward bigot province like Alberta she couldn't lose.

And I didn't have the time wait for the rubes to learn how to count the ballots, and make it official.

And of course, the idea of watching that kooky right-winger celebrate a mandate to try to bury her province and this country made me feel like vomiting.

But I did have one big consolation, I knew that Pierre Poilievre probably wasn't feeling that great either.

And with good reason. 

For as Fred DeLorey, the well known Con campaign manager points out, the real winner of the Alberta election just might be Justin Trudeau.

There’s a Shakespearean plot twist here: Notley’s win, paradoxically, could have been Trudeau’s fall. Enter Pierre Poilievre, the relentless conservative champion, who, with a Notley win, would have found a new political punching bag. Trudeau would have been invariably entangled in the Notley-Poilievre duel, with every mistake of Notley’s striking him as a ricochet. 

Instead,Trudeau now has Smith, an adversary whose errors he can tether to Poilievre. Admittedly, this requires a mastery of political judo and opportunism that Trudeau has demonstrated he is not averse to utilizing. 

For while Smith's advisors were able to muzzle her or mute her during the election campaign, most people know that won't last... 

And it won't be long before she'll be talking crazy again.

And then there is the tragic flaw of Smith. She is an admirable leader with significant political intellect, yet her penchant for public gaffes echoes like a tin can kicked down the otherwise serene streets of non-Albertan ridings. Those are ridings where conservatives have been trying to gain traction, but Smith’s statements do more to repel than to attract.

DeLorey does offer Poilievre a way out.

Despite Trudeau's tactical mastery, the political landscape is not entirely skewed. The Conservative Party can reclaim lost ground by adopting a moderate stance that appeals to the wider populace, thus averting the risk of alienation by excessive right-wing populism. The Party needs to align its interests with those of the moderates, thereby mitigating any potential damage from Smith's verbal misfires.

But most people who have watched Poilievre know that he's as kooky as Smith, and that there is no chance that he can be repurposed as a moderate.

Not when he's still pumping out disgusting videos. Digging up a long debunked story to accuse Justin Trudeau of having left a job as a teacher twenty years ago because of a sexual scandal.

Or if that wasn't bad enough, accusing the Prime Minister of literally killing people….
And then there is this video... where he blames Trudeau for the actions of some idiot 14-year-old girl on a crowded Toronto bus.

And is yet another reason Poilievre is unfit to be Prime Minister.

But the good news is that despite gargling all that hate mongering bile, he's still going nowhere ....

And even some in the Con media are having second thoughts.

In the Toronto Star this weekend Chantal Hebert writes that Poilievre is wasting a chance to be Prime Minister. 

At a time in the federal cycle when a critical mass of Canadians normally craves change, Poilievre is so far failing to convince swing voters that he amounts to an acceptable alternative. With little or no help from the Liberals, the Conservative leader has been hard at work branding himself — and, by association, his party — as a destructive force in federal politics rather than a constructive force for a better good. 

Opportunities to showcase himself as prime ministerial have come and gone, every one of them sacrificed on the altar of virulent partisanship.

And who can be surprised? After 18 years as an MP he has left a slime trail as far as the eye can see, or the nose can smell. 

Had our shabby Con media examined his sordid record, and denounced his many lies, instead of blowing him like a balloon, they could have warned more Canadians about the man who would be Prime Minister.

And maybe even some of his dumbest supporters would have realized what a terrible mistake they have made...

They thought they were getting a shiny new Harper, only to open the box and find another grubby monster ready to take them all down with him.

A Con monster so dumb he is his own worst enemy...         

Fortunately, decent Canadians are picking up the slack and spreading the word about what Poilievre would do to this country and its values.

Progressives will have to do a lot more to make sure that perverted fascist is totally destroyed.

But try as he might, that ugly little man will NEVER be Prime Minister…


rumleyfips said...

Little Pete seems to think he is a Republican congressman. his attempt to copy the debt extension opposed by the GOP ignors the fact they failed. Just an example of foreign interference in our system.

Simon said...

Hi rumleyfips...Exactly. I have always thought that Poilievre is more American than Canadian. It's not surprising, from a very young age Poilievre was a groupie of the American far-right. And that was before he was recruited by Preston Manning and Stephen Harper who were also more American than Canadian. When you throw in the malignant influence of the American owned Postmedia chain it's the real foreign interference threat, and one we must fight as hard as we can....

Pierre D. said...

The good news is...even if Smith won the vote was very, very close.
Franky Graves pointed out why (and no one mentioned it in MSM quelle surprise!) As progs get priced out of downtowns, they go to the suburbs or rurals. Soon the older CON will move to the great Harperdome in the sky and, well, it's not going to be great.

The world isn't going backward and Poilievre is going to be in the Official Opposition chair for a long, long time. Well, until October 2025 when he'll be replaced by Marilyn Gladu I guess. I expect Rempel will go to Oklahoma or something.

P.S. Michael "Pooper's" Coooper is done at Global. Hope he enjoys that lawsuit!

Simon said...

Hi Pierre...Yes, it's sad how many rural people are so damn ignorant and so Con. It's not surprising I suppose, home schooling using the Bible as the main text books never a good idea. That's now you get Danielle Smith sending out a tweet, saluting the anniversary of D Day, while claiming it was the beginning of the Second World War. I'd blame that on too many Ivermectin enemas, but I fear the problem is even more serious than that. The good news, as you point out, is that so many rural Cons are really old, so they won't be with us for too long. And yes, Pooper Scooper Cooper is also done like dinner, good riddance to bad rubbish...