Sunday, September 27, 2015

Jason Kenney and Lynton Crosby's New and Dangerous Wedge Issue

Well don't say I didn't warn you. In one of my last posts I wrote that Jason Kenney would go absolutely wild at the thought that Justin Trudeau was going after the so-called ethnic vote. 

And yesterday that's exactly what he did, 

In a grotesque three-act performance or freak show that began with him trying to smear Trudeau in a way that couldn't be more bizarre or obscene. 

At a hastily called news conference to respond to Trudeau’s plan to allow more parents and grandparents to come to Canada to join their relatives, Conservative candidate Jason Kenney was asked whether the Tories would consider relaxing their tough approach to marijuana given some recent polls indicate many people support legalization or decriminalization. 

He said no, before his response meandered into unusual territory, with a claim that Trudeau wants to bring brothels to your neighbourhood.

And can only make many Canadians wonder whether Kenney is so desperate he's gone off the deep end. 

Or whether after so long his chastity vow is proving too much of a cross to bear.

And he now sees hookers EVERYWHERE !!!

But as it turned out it was just Kenney, the political hooker, twisting the truth and trying to smear his opponents, as only a Con could.

And he was only following the orders of Stephen Harper's Australian  attack dingo or flying monkey Lynton Crosby...

As this second act in Kenney's grotesque performance made only too clear. 

Conservative candidate Jason Kenney says a re-elected Conservative government will expand the ranks of Canada's special forces by 35 per cent over the next seven years. Kenney noted Canada is among the countries ISIS has singled out for attack. 

"It is simply unthinkable that we would not ensure that our Armed Forces are able to help defeat this serious threat and protect our country," he said.

For Crosby's plan to re-elect Harper requires a climate of fear, and the repetition of the word PROTECT. As in protect us from EVERYTHING.

As I have pointed out before...

And that's what Kenney's second act was all about.

But it was his third act that most clearly revealed the demonic hand of Lynton Crosby. The unveiling of the Con's new wedge issue, one that couldn't be more dangerous.

The federal government has revoked the citizenship of an Islamic extremist who masterminded a plot to bomb downtown Toronto in an effort to terrorize Canadians and cripple the economy.

Defence Minister Jason Kenney sent a tweet describing him as a man who hated Canada so much that he “forfeited his own citizenship” by plotting to murder hundreds of Canadians.

Because it is seeded with the xenophobic strain of the kick them all out crowd. 

And any progressive party leader who dares point out that revoking the citizenship of  Canadians is ultimately far more dangerous than anything that wannabe jihadi loser did, could get FLATTENED.

As these comments in the Globe article make only too clear:

Which although many are no doubt written by paid Con trolls, give you a very good idea of how that issue can be manipulated for maximum political advantage.

So I strongly suggest that our leaders try to ignore this latest distraction, and if the Cons continue to beat that hollow drum, they try to turn the security issue against them.

By asking why it took them so long to boost our special forces if the threat was so great? And why now?

And why are they deporting that convicted terrorist instead of keeping him safely behind bars in Canada. So he can go and join ISIS?

Or join the Con's Saudi friends?

In the nexus of terrorism. And the home of the beheaders. 

And whose side are they really on?

But yes, now there cannot be any doubt that Stephen Harper and his foul Australian attack monkey Lynton Crosby are going to use fear and loathing to try to win the election.

And there can be no doubt either that with only twenty-two days to go, this country is in mortal peril.

We need to stay cool. We need to stay smart. We need to attack Harper and his foul Con regime harder than ever instead of attacking ourselves.

For let's be absolutely clear, the man is a fascist, he is crazy desperate, he is dangerous...

And for the sake of our Canada, for the sake of basic human decency.

We absolutely must defeat him.

Before he turns this country into even more of a living nightmare...

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Sparky2016 said...

We need someone in the know to find more info re: LHarper and her gay relationship, more about Baird and blue tent fiascos. This could turn the tide on the CONS.

Marmalade said...

Beware, Simon, you are about to be 'Flogged'! haha
Basic Human Decency is no longer the Norm on this Big Ball of Mud! I don't comprehend why there isn't a bigger outcry from Canadian Citizens when they read, watch TV, listen to others talking etc. about what is going on around them?????????????? The Bubble is going to Burst!

Anonymous said...

Kenny really looks comfortable in that outfit. Too bad I can't vote for him.

rumleyfips said...

As a partial answer to Moosep above:

I could be deported to Ireland.

I am 67 years old and was born in Canada. My parents are 93 and 88 and were born in Canada. However I have two Irish grandparents who came through Pier 21 more than a century ago. This makes Irish citizenship available to me. It also empowers the reformatories to strip my Canadian citizenship and boot me.

Maybe I shouldn't have sent money to First Nations anti tar pipeline groups. Now I'm a terrorist !

PS: sometimes I watch birds.

Simon said...

hi those kind of revelations wouldn't help us. What we need to do is not get caught up in any of those distractions, and keep reminding Canadians why so many hate Harper and this filthy regime so much....

Simon said...

hi RT...well if you liked that one, you should see the one of Kenney with the purple green wig. I'm saving that one for a special occasion... :)

Anonymous said...

You really have me concerned, my great grandparents came from Ireland as well. Before that happens I think I will move to the US, its really so much simpler, no long jail terms and worry about deportation just a needle in the arm. With a murder rate only 3 times higher than in Canada I am surprised the retro cons haven't proposed that solution before now. The new Con logo "Three steps backwards no steps forward".

Simon said...

hi rumleyfips....I'm in the same boat, as are millions of other dual citizens. We could all be deported for engaging in terrorist activities i.e. opposing Harper's fascist Con regime. His attempt to create different categories of citizens is absolutely outrageous. And one look at Jason Kenney's Twitter site tells you how the Cons intend to use it as a wedge issue. For the chubby chickenhawk's site is plastered with graphics attacking those who would disagree with them. My only consolation is that it's almost certainly a sign of desperation, and more like a death rattle that anything else...

Simon said...

hi RT...all Canadians should be concerned, but don't worry. All we have to do is win the election, and use that law against them. I'm getting Kenney shipped off to Ireland, Harper to Israel, and of course Vic Toews to Paraguay. But I think you forgot to add a few words to the Con slogan. "Two feet bad, four feet good." ;)