Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Are Stephen Harper and His Cons Creeping Out Our Social Media?

Well it's a horrible thought. The kind of thought that could give you nightmares.

But Stephen Harper is desperate. He knows the internet is his enemy. The only thing he can't control.

Or scare into submission.

So it seems that him and his Con gang may have been creeping out Facebook.

As the CBC's Reg Sherren discovered when he checked out his own site...

And if they are using malware to make their Great Leader look more popular, it is a serious problem. 

"Third-party websites or videos that you are clicking on may have malware embedded in them, and you won't even know, that's the thing. It's very insidious in how it can happen and it's also very quick."

This response from the Con communication director Cory Hann couldn't be less reassuring... 

"Thanks for reaching out to us. On this question, it's an internal party matter."

Or more suspicious.

And if they are manipulating the sites of others it is potentially illegal. 

The Conservatives may be acting against their own anti-spam laws with respect to this, and if the Conservatives are hijacking Facebook users accounts, one has to question what other information has been collected by the Conservatives (if they have access to your account to like their page) that was transmitted to the party which could be very personal information the Conservatives might use to profile you as a potential voter, which also could be against Canadian privacy laws.

Whatever the case maybe, hacking into users Facebook accounts is not just extremely creepy and potentially illegal; it’s also a form of stalking and desperation by a party who is not very popular on social media and having trouble getting their message out.

But then as that blogger says they are desperate. 

For as I have pointed out before, even with all the money they have, they can't match the power of our social media...

Their social media is a lifeless copy of our own.

So as you can imagine those losers are quite capable of doing ANYTHING to make their Great Leader look more popular by buying likes for him.

Which of course couldn't be more PATHETIC.

But it does raise a disturbing question. If they are hacking into Facebook accounts, what are they doing on other social media platforms? And if they are mucking around on those sites could they also be breaking the law?

As some of them did during the robocall scandal.

And the good news? Some of us are watching them closely, and if they are doing anything illegal they will be caught.

And they are right to fear us.

Because when the full power of our social media is turned on them in the weeks ahead, I wouldn't be surprised if it sends their cowardly Great  Leader running for cover...

In the meantime. as Reg Sherren pointed out in his report, if you are on Facebook, there is a simple way to make sure that the Cons aren't using you for their sinister purposes.

If you want to find out if you too have been unwittingly liking stuff on Facebook, go to the activity log in your settings, click on likes and page likes, and check it out.

And of course while you're there make sure to give the creeper Harper and his sinister regime a giant thumbs down...

Social media is on our side.

And it will help destroy them...

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Anonymous said...

I appreciate your tenacity, but I'm depressed because I don't have any hope that the Libs and Dippers will figure out how to defeat the Harper Cons TOGETHER. It CAN'T be a three-way race because that will guarantee a wine for Harper and his goons.
And if they do figure things out, we know Harper will cheat, steal and lie his way into another majority because there are just too many idiot people out there who continue to believe his bunk.
It's sad.

Anonymous said...

I can't help but think Harper is going to stage some black ops/ false flag operation a few days before the election. He is desperate to hang onto power.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Another thing he can't control is the world 's price of oil and that must be killing him.

Anonymous said...

"Skeevy Steve"