Thursday, September 03, 2015

Stephen Harper's War on Canada and Its Values

Many hours after I first saw it, I am still haunted by this photo of that poor little Syrian boy washed up on a Turkish beach. 

And by the knowledge that his refugee family begged the ghastly Chris Alexander to let them emigrate to Canada. But got absolutely nowhere.

But while I'm disgusted I'm not really surprised. For Alexander, like all the other Cons, are just cowardly stooges of their depraved master.

And Stephen Harper would rather talk about WAR. 

Stephen Harper stood in the middle of a too-small-for-the-crowd hotel meeting room in Sault Ste. Marie, Ont., and tapped the notes on the lectern in front of him in time with his words. 

"Canada is not immune to jihadist terrorism," he said. "Two [tap] brave soldiers [tap] dead [tap] on our own [tap] soil [tap]."

For crass political purposes.

"If you cannot even bring yourself to call jihadist terrorism what it is, then you cannot be trusted to confront it, and you cannot be trusted to keep Canadians safe from it." 

At this, Harper received his most enthusiastic response from the crowd, which erupted into an ovation and calls of "Four more years. Four more years."

To pleasure his rabid base, and his own monstrous instincts...

And try to scare Canadians into voting for him, because fear is all he has left. 

Even though he himself admits our puny for show war is faltering. Even though everybody knows that religious conflict will only be settled by the ground forces of those who live in that region.

And even though it was the insanity of war that caused this human catastrophe in the first place. The criminal invasion of Iraq, that he supported, is what led to the rise of ISIS.

And the bombing of Libya helped turn that country into a paradise for some of the world's most dangerous terrorist groups. And no safe haven for all those now seeking to escape to Europe.

But what horrifies me the most about the criminal Con regime is the way they mock those who would act like Canadians and seek to help those desperate refugees.

Like they do in this hideous attack ad aimed at Justin Trudeau...

But then again, why should we be surprised? When as Frances Russell points out this is a government that is really at war with Canada, its values and its democracy. 

They have trampled on virtually every tenet of British parliamentary democracy and hacked, slashed and abolished vital national programs, storied institutions and highly respected civil society organizations simply because they disagreed and disliked them. 

On the international stage they have sullied Canada’s reputation as a one of the world’s most esteemed democracies by ignoring science in their pursuit of re-making Canada into a freewheeling sole-source hinterland to serve the global oil and gas industry regardless of the costs to the environment; appropriated big portions of Canada’s identity and institutions for their own political and electoral purposes and grafted American governmental forms onto Canada’s parliamentary democracy determined to twist it out of shape – and – all without the slightest consultation or regard for the sensibilities of many Canadians.

This is a government that is philosophically and genuinely hostile to the nation and people it seeks to govern.

And Russell is right about this too.

As October 19 gets closer, Liberals and New Democrats should stop the petty blood feud they love to carry on over petty and marginal policy distinctions without genuine differences. Otherwise, Canadians will be subjected to another four years of a government determined to dismantle the Canada most Canadians know and cherish and hope to pass on to their children and grandchildren.

Now is not the time to fight each other, now is the time to stand up for Canada.

You know, I used to be so proud of this country, and its humble but noble role in the world.

But if I has been on that Turkish beach, and had gently picked up that poor little child who never knew anything but war in his short life...

And if I had known that the Cons might have been able to save him and his brother and mother, but didn't even try. I would have wept with sorrow AND shame.

Because I dream of a better Canada, and the day when we are free at last. 

And until that glorious day this is my army.

Those are my heroes, the healers not the killers, who are standing up for my values.

And Stephen Harper can keep his war, and shove the fear factor where the sun don't shine.

Or keep it company in his closet...

Because he will never scare me.

Unite to defeat that monster.

And take back our Canada...

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  1. Yet the in excess of 1000 missing and murdered women is not even on his "radar".
    Harper is foul, he is the single greatest terrorist threat to Canada, not ISIS or "jihadis".

    Simon, where is that photo of Harper in that manic power-lust stance from?

    1. hi Noah...yes Stephen Harper is the greatest threat to this country, and the foulest leader I have ever know. His position on just about everything is wrong headed and evil. As for that picture of picture of Harper it's from a video of him horsing around in a bizarre manner on the day of the last election. I have the whole thing, and it is truly disturbing. He seems to be celebrating before the votes have even started being counted, and even as the robocalls were going out...

  2. We bombed an ISIS buldoser in Iraq.....What more can weCanadians do?

    1. hi Ed...well let;s not forget, if we hadn't taken that bulldozer out it could have been rumbling down the streets of Ottawa by now. ;) But seriously, I suppose we can keep bombing and getting nowhere, because with that puny force all we can do is very limited damage to the ISIS crazies, who are after all nothing more than a death cult, when the secular Sunnis of Iraq rise up against them. And that won't happen until the Shia can earn back their confidence. So don't hold your breath. That's why I would rather Canada focused its efforts on relieving that tide of human misery. We could be more effective AND more Canadian...

  3. Call me precient, I wrote this yesterday. Stephen Harper is directly named for making Canada a country that feels ashamed because he wants to project and protect what Canadians do not want.

    1. hi I have said before few things bother me as much as the way Stephen harper has shamed us in the eyes of the world. A lot of decent Canadians worked very hard to build up our reputation as a decent people, and Harper has made us look like backward beasts. It's simply unforgivable, and we can and must do better...

  4. Thanks Simon....I had a little to say as well...

    1. hi Grant...that's a very good and strong post, and needless to say I agree with every word. It really is outrageous how those Cons have behaved. They have violated every decent Canadian value I believe in, and I still can't quite believe how low we have fallen. But things are looking up, the monster is clearly on the ropes, and with a bit of luck and a lot of hard work we may at last soon be rid of him. I think I'm going to split my life into two parts, before and after Harper. And hopefully after a few years of a better government this nightmare will fade from memory. If it doesn't I'll be trying hypnosis... ;)

  5. As shown in this article, there is one key reason why Stephen Harper's personal war on terror will never be won:

    1. hi political junkie...that's a very good post, and it does illustrate well the main problem. We are dealing with a Sunni-Shia war, and getting dragged into something like that can only lead to disaster. The war will never even until the Sunni and the Shia can bury their differences, or at least learn to live together in some kind of peace. I don't think that's impossible, but it will take a lot of good will and right now I don't see any. The Saudis are fixated on Iran, and as long as that continues that insane war will go on and on...

  6. Replies
    1. hi Steve...I too was greatly moved by ghat image of that poor little kid. It couldn't be more powerful or say more about the horror of war. I only hope it will move the world to do more to help those desperate refugees. Because they have been suffering for too long, and not enough has been done to help them...

  7. cant let this one go Though its not fair, he is 80% to blame and I hope Canada votes the same way.

  8. What is happening to Humanity?