Friday, September 04, 2015

The Dead Syrian Boy and the Ghastly Denial of the Harper Cons

It couldn't have been a more revolting spectacle, or one more monstrous.

The heartbreaking image of that poor little Syrian boy lying dead on a beach.

And three Con monkeys in denial. 

All shedding crocodile tears, but claiming to be blameless.

Even as their campaign went into crisis mode.

Or the Con bus went crazy. 

You could sense something was wrong as Conservative campaign staffers huddled outside the Sheraton Hotel in Surrey, B.C., this morning.

For almost 40 minutes, it felt like the campaign was in limbo. I spotted a top campaign staffer about a block from the hotel, away from ear shot, glued to his phone and pacing around. 

There was speculation the prime minster would cancel his events for the rest of the week -- including a stop in the Yukon -- to return home to Ottawa. It would have been an alarming sign of a campaign in deep trouble.

And with good reason. Because the political thugs in the PMO know that poor little dead boy on the beach...

Could help sink THEIR boat. Or finish off their rotting government. 

For although the Cons wheeled out an either much humbler (or heavily sedated) Chris Alexander yesterday.

Back to the Power and Politics show where he had melted down the day before...

And although his department produced a statement showing that it was not the dead boy's father who had applied for refugee status it was his uncle. To try to prove that their boss was blameless. 

Government officials say that the Syrian family whose young children drowned off the coast of Turkey didn’t formally apply for asylum and that an application was made instead for another relative.

It should be obvious that if Mohammad Kurti's application had been approved, his brother Abdullah would never have tried so desperately to get to Europe. And the tragedy wouldn't have happened.

And that when their sister Tima sent a letter to Alexander it asked him to save her FAMILY. But still he did nothing.

She said the letter asked "Please, is there any way you can help my family come here." 

There was no response.

So he does bear a measure of responsibility. He can't hide his ugly record.

He has always treated refugees badly. And if there was any justice he would have been fired long ago.

As should Jason Kenney, who was also forced to change his schedule in a hurry. And cancel a press conference on how he plans to strengthen the immigration system 

Which in the code of his rabid religious base means keep the Muslims out.

Because Kenney and his Cons have made it clear that when it comes to Syrian refugees they'd rather take Christians. 

The federal government is seeking to resettle more Syrian refugees, but only from the country’s religious minorities, according to sources close to discussions around Canada’s position on refugees from the war-torn nation.

Even if most of the Syrian refugees are Muslims.

So he should hang his head in shame as well.

But the most shameless and grotesque spectacle of the day was provided by Stephen Harper himself... 

Who after trying to show that he is capable of emotion, and can feel the pain of others.

But only managing to look ridiculous.

Went on to use the death of that poor child for crass political purposes. 

And as I pointed out in my last post, beat the drums of war.

Attack his opponents.

And most outrageously claim, that when it comes to refugees, as in everything else, Canada is leading the WORLD !!!

Only to have the CBC's Adrienne Arsenault puncture that myth...

And expose Stephen Harper, once again, as a pathological liar who can't be trusted to tell the truth about ANYTHING.

And that will hurt him. 

For the last thing he needs is to be seen at a callous, cruel person, at a time when thank to his incompetence millions of Canadians are feeling poorer, smaller, and more vulnerable...

And it can only reinforce the view that those Con monkeys are too incompetent,too morally corrupt, and too ugly and dangerous to remain in office...

And that along with all their sordid scandals should help finish them off.

Their bestiality and the depravity of their deranged leader degraded them.

And it will help destroy them...

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  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    Never ending lies and he has made it hard for us to know the truth. No wonder he wanted to cancel things like the long form census. Thanks Adrienne. Hooray for the CBC.

    1. hi anon....yes you're right, he would have us live in the darkness, so he can male the truth beyond recognition. Never in my life have I seen such a pathological and shameless liar, and the thought that he's Prime Minister is still after all the years of fighting him almost unbelievable. And yes hooray for the CBC, that will not survive another Con mandate...

  2. Anonymous10:09 AM

    Someone should ask Harper exactly what is his plan for defeating ISIS. The Allied forces invaded and then occupied Iraq and Libya for years only to leave their people and neighboring countries far worse off than before the occupation. Why did we leave in the first place? It certainly wasn't because enlightened democracy was shining in all corners of their countries. What would we do differently this time after spending countless Canadian lives in retaking these countries? The man is one of the worst authoritarian decision makers Canada has ever seen. Lets make him gone in the upcoming election, help as many refugees as we can and work with the UN in resolving this crisis on a short and longer term basis, rather than preach the gospel that more war is the only answer. Some military support might be part of the solution to limit ISIS but we would be absolute fools to trust Harper to get it right.

    1. hi RT...well he has no plan, his little war is all for show. His posturing as a Great Warrior Leader is absolutely absurd, and would be hilarious if hesitation wasn't so dangerous and so tragic. A man who would use war for crass political purposes really is a maniac and unfit to remain in office....

  3. Anonymous10:18 AM

    This is so much worse than two little boys and their mother.There are many children and mothers and fathers.

    These poor people are truly trapped.If lucky enough to get out of Syria they now face the thugs and barbed wire fences and citizens in Europe.This report from the credible Finian Cunningham paints this horrible tragedy.
    And explains why it is happening.
    If the west wants regime change in Syria which is why all this started in the first place then they might have to deal with Russia and Iran.That's one hell of image for the mind to comprehend.

    According to the UN’s International Organisation for Migration. Up to 12 million of Syria’s population – half the total – have been displaced by more than four years of conflict in that country. A war that has been fuelled covertly by the United States, Britain and France seeking regime change against President Bashar al Assad. Also fuelling the war in Syria are Western allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan, Turkey and Israel.
    Might as well add Canada's jets.

    1. hi are right, it is a much bigger tragedy. And the way the world has been able to turn a blind eye to such a human catastrophe is shameful. That catastrophe is the direct result of the Western destruction of Iraq and Libya, and we have been collaborating with those who created and funded ISIS. It will not be resolved until the Sunni and the Shia can learn to live in peace, because it is a religious war I ail to see how we can play a useful role. I do however hope that the tragic death of that little boy will move people to do more to help the victims of that war, for their suffering cannot be allowed to continue. And on that front I think we can make a difference...

  4. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Yep, that was why Harper claimed it brought tears to his eyes. Tears not for the dead little boy, not for Alexander's fu..ked political career, but for those lost votes as even the ignorant voters are forced to open their eyes to what he has done to this country.

    And it is good that Mulcair is saying out loud and clear that bombing Syria and Iraq will not solve the problem.

    In fact, those poor souls there are caught among three warring factions: their own ruthless government, ISIL and the bombs of the western nations destroying their infrastructure and livelihoods while targeting a few unlucky non combatants that the Canadian military had apparently claimed was a non issue (according to U.S. reports).

    But don't complain why the Canadian public had not been told about the American investigation into the allegations of civilian deaths resulting from the Canadian bombing in Iraq. You see, Jason Kenney himself claimed the military did not even tell him about that.

    1. hi anon....yes watching Harper pretending to be choked up almost made me vomit. When we all know the man lacks empathy and was only performing for the cameras. And yes I see our military is denying it has caused civilian casualties, while having done nothing to properly investigate those claims. And as for Jason Kenney claiming that he knows nothing, that's absolutely pathetic. This Con war is a sick farce, and the whole damn lot of them should be fired...

  5. e.a.f.11:04 PM

    we ought not to forget Qatar who has spent $200 BILLION on football, but none on refugees and hasn't taken any either. ditto for Saudi Arabia. I can understand people not wanting to go there but those countries are extremely rich and ought to be paying for the care of the refugees. It is the poorest Arab countries which appear to have been doing the most.'

    Canada could easily take 60K as they did in the 70s however I doubt if there are enough federal workers to actually process the refugees. harper and his herd may not be willing to admit that because they laid off so many workers to give their base tax cuts, but I would not be surpised if Canada hadn't done more to take refugees because they don't have the staff anymore to deal with the work. they could turn it over to the Mennonite Central Committee which has vast experience with processing refugees, of course Steve doesn't like them, he had them audited.

    We can not expect Europe to take all of the refugees, the other countries need to step up adn if they don'ty want to take refugees, then let them pay for re settlement in countries which need the financial assistance.

    1. hi e.a.f...yes, Qatar and Saudi Arabia have helped case the ISIS problem, and they should be using their vast wealth to help the refugees, instead of funding terrorist groups. And BTW I still can't believe that Qatar is still going to host the world football championship. The whole process was corrupt, their treatment of foreign workers has been criminal, and of course it's too hot to play there. But as for the refugees, the Europeans can absorb a lot more than they already have, and we can do our part. It won't break Europe and it won't break us...

  6. Anonymous4:24 AM

    In this link that Simon posted:

    do you realize how often Harper makes speeches in places with a cold, industrial feel (eg. warehouse, factory) and few supporters standing behind him (who look like zombies) compared to the larger, energetic looking crowds of Trudeau and Mulcair? It wouldn't surprise me to learn that some of those standing behind Harper are paid to be there, just like when dictators pay people to show up for parades and rallies. 8-)

    1. As I keep saying......some people will do anything for $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$!

    2. hi anon...I really enjoyed that story, for there is no doubt that the Con campaign is going off the rails. As i predicted long ago when they made Jenni Byrne the campaign chief, with nobody in the PMO capable of controlling her. As for those human walls behind Harper, I don't think they pay them, simply draw them from their vetted lists of supporters. In fact I read a hilarious story the other day when a progressive activist managed to get past security wearing an anti-Harper slogan under his jacket. And before he was discovered and ejected was asked to join the human wall, because as one of the organizers said "we need more younger faces." And if that wasn't hilarious enough it took 20 minutes to shuffle the human wall around until those organizers were satisfied with the look. So the whole thing couldn't be more orchestrated or absurd...

    3. Anonymous1:01 AM

      I agree the Con campaign is going off the rails, and I can't wait for the trial of Bruce Carson to begin.

      But it's still early in the campaign, and Harper, if he feels cannot win, will do everything he can to scare Canadians to vote Con. Is a false flag/black ops already in the works?

    4. hi anon...yes you're right, even if the Con campaign is going off the rails there are still six weeks to go. and Harper is now so desperate he is capable of anything. I haven't the slightest doubt that he is praying for a terrorist attack.Or that he might stage some kind of stunt to try to win the election or cancel it.So we will have to be vigilant, but at this point at least we are heading for victory...