Saturday, September 19, 2015

Stephen Harper and the Con's New Bigot Offensive

Well now we know for sure. Now there is no longer any doubt. Stephen Harper will use bigotry to try to win the next election. 

He is that desperate, and that crazy.

He will not not call off his bloodthirsty hounds. 

The Conservatives are seeking to throw up another roadblock to a Muslim woman's quest to be able to vote in October. The government announced Friday it will seek a stay of a Federal Court of Appeal decision this week that would have allowed Zunera Ishaq to wear a niqab while swearing the oath of citizenship.

He will have his pound of flesh.

And now he's launched another bigot offensive to try to divide Canadians.

University of Ottawa professor Duff Conacher said he was shocked by what he considers racist implications of the phrase “old stock Canadians” used by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Thursday’s leadership debate.

And it couldn't be more disgusting or more deeply disturbing.

Harper used the phrase “old stock Canadians” in response to a question on refugee policy. The Conservative leader said he would “bring in more” refugees than in past years, but there is a limit, adding that “we do not offer them a better health-care plan than the ordinary Canadian can receive.”

Because not only is this foul campaign based on a monstrous lie. Sick refugees get exactly the same level of medical care as we do.

It is a deliberate attempt to create an us versus them mentality. 

Conservative leader Stephen Harper's line about "old-stock Canadians" during the Thursday leaders' debate was a deliberate move to energize the Conservative base on an emotional topic, a pollster says.

"It's part of the deliberate strategy to sort Harper's constituency from the rest of the electorate," Graves told CBC Montreal's Daybreak. "It creates a sense of us versus others."

And it could only come from the diseased mind of Stephen Harper's Australian attack dingo, or flying monkey, Lynton Crosby...

Who has never seen a wedge issue he didn't like, no matter how low or disgusting. 

Who has no doubt discovered that many Canadians aren't as virtuous as they like to imagine they are.

And knows that he can count on others to spread his poison, like the Bloc is doing in Quebec, by running this ghastly ad...

Where the narrator says Thomas Mulcair wants to allow veiled woman to take the citizenship oath. "It's the last drop ( the last straw) I'm going back to the Bloc."

So don't for a moment think that Stephen Harper is on the defensive. 

Stephen Harper found himself on the defensive Friday, dogged by a controversial phrase from the leaders’ debate and his government’s efforts to prevent a Muslim woman from taking the citizenship oath while wearing a niqab.

On the contrary, he welcomes this controversy. He believes it's got traction.

His position on refugee health care is “supported by Canadians, who themselves are immigrants and also supported by the rest of us, by Canadians who have been the descendants of immigrants for one or more generations,” Harper said.

The refugee threat, the niqab menace, the Fear Factor...

“When you join the Canadian family in a public citizenship ceremony it is essential that that is a time when you reveal yourselves to Canadians and that is something widely supported by Canadians.”

He knows the more the MSM covers the story, the more the poison might spread.

And he is desperately hoping that it might give him the votes he needs to scratch out another bloody majority. 

And the good news? All of that strongly suggests that the best way to blunt this bigot offensive is to deprive it of the oxygen it needs to grow.

Or the red meat it needs to survive...

By driving the focus of this campaign back to other issues where Harper is vulnerable, like the economy, or the corruption of his rotting regime.

While letting the simmering anger of those who are not "old stock" and now feel like refugees in their own country, tear him to pieces.

But yes, he is dangerous, he is trying to start a bigot blaze....

He is the foulest leader this country has ever known. 

He is a beast, he is a monster.

And if he is not stopped, he will set this country on fire...

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  1. Anonymous9:32 AM

    Didn't you predict this when that Aussie showed up?

  2. What do you expect from Crocoshit Dundee ?

    1. hi rumleyfips....I don't expect much but I do expect trouble, for I can't imagine a worse combination than Stephen Harper and Lynton Crosby. And since there is a considerable amount of anti-Muslim sentiment in this country, whether or not it works, it could get really ugly...

  3. hi anon...I did predict it, and for good reason. I saw what he did in Britain. Among other things he discredited the Labour Party by accusing it of trying to form a coalition with the separatists in Scotland, and in the process demonizing the Scots. Which needless to say disgusted me. And the result? Cameron did win, but the SNP swept Scotland, and is now talking about another referendum. But Crosby doesn't care what he does to a country's fabric, he's just a political hitman. He smears his victims, collects his huge fee, and then moves on. One can only hope that the Con regime is now so rotten, that he will only make them look worse....

  4. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Rather than create a better future for everyone the Retro-Con mentality is the same as a pack of hungry dingoes. They seek out the weakest ones in the herd until the weak are gone and those remaining become as opportunistic as they are. Welcome to the wonderful world of survival of the fittest; or the destruction of humanity depending on your view!

    1. hi RT....yes the Con base is an ugly sight, and Harper may be able to use the issue to draw them more tightly to his bosom. My hope is that his bigot campaign is so obvious it will only make him look more disgusting...

  5. Two questions that the MSM has never reported re: niqab issue

    How many women who live in Canada wear a niqab? Even 100? 50?

    And of these women, what percentage are Canadian citizens?

    It's obvious Harper is appealing to his Con base by wanting to take the issue to the Supreme Court, which they would lose anyway!

    1. hi David...I don't know how many women wear niqabs but it can't be more than a few hundred. Even in a city like Toronto I see very few of them. So it really is outrageous to have spent almost $300,000 pursuing that woman through the courts. It's absolutely disgraceful and the work of bullies...

    2. Not sure where I read it ---but it was in MSM --- the estimate was ~ 100.

      We occasionally see a woman in a niqab here but we're a university town so foreign students or their spouses would be a likely guess, not necessarily permanent residents.

      For that matter we even occasionally see a male in thobe, (jalabiyyah) and keffiyeh. I wish I could get my hands on a thobe and keffiyah around here. They are perfect hot weather gear.

    3. Depends what part of the city you're in. I live in a predominantly Muslim neighbourhood. Quite a few women wear niqab. They are mostly either citizens or landed immigrants. Easily 100 just in this part of the city. I think it's more than people realize. That said, I am not making any judgement whatsoever on the wearing of niqab - simply commenting on the numbers. I think Harper is acting purely out of spite, with regard to this issue.

  6. Anonymous4:05 PM

    These citizenship ceremonies are, as such, meaningless and hollow religious rituals.

    The useless mountie standing in the corner, the oath to the head of the CofE, a mythic creature living out of human reach, the boring speech, the diploma, and the fourth-rate collective rendition of that 19th catholic hymn, which like all things here doesn't mean the same thing in either language...

    All that for a bloody administrative piece of paper which could be delivered by what's left of Canada Post, or handed over in some gray government office.

    The "debate" is just a religion war: it's the red rag against the head rag.

    What? You're outraged? Good.

    1. hi anon...I tend to agree with you. I'm not one for those kind of rituals. My graduation from school was bad enough. But I suppose some people enjoy it so good for them. It should not however be elevated to the quasi religious status that Kenney and others are always trying to portray it as, and the Cons are only doing that to make that Muslim woman look like some kind of traitor. So it couldn't be more appalling...

  7. Anonymous10:30 PM

    I'm sorry, Simon, but I really don't believe that this niqab situation can win him the election. People are just simply fed up with him. The only thing that can win him the election is a split vote and if people vote strategically, it won't happen.

  8. Journalist Michael Harris describes Harper as "amoral".

  9. Michael Harris: Harper in the Hot Seat

  10. hi anon...well you don't have to apologize I would be very happy if the whole thing fizzled out. And I think you're right too many people want Harper to go, so I doubt it will change many minds. I am a bit worried about Quebec, because the Cons are clearly aiming this campaign at that province. The grotesque Con Denis Lebel has been making a big deal out of it, and as you saw from that hideous ad, the Bloc is also trying to light the fires of bigotry. But then the Bloc and the Cons are both desperate, so what else can we expect?