Tuesday, November 21, 2017

The Day Andrew Scheer Revealed His Inner Harper

Ever since Hamish Marshall left The Rebel to become the Con's new campaign manager, Andrew Scheer has tried hard to please him by attempting to change his image from Mr Rebel groupie to Mr Nice Guy.

But no matter how hard he tries, it's just not him. 

He's not a nice guy, he's a nasty religious fanatic. He was for Brexit for all the wrong reasons. He roots for Donald Trump and Jason Kenney.

And every now and then he reveals who he really is...

Like he did yesterday, when he revealed his inner fascism. 

The Opposition says it will not support the Liberal bill to overhaul national security, with Conservatives ripping Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government as soft on terrorists in the face of returning Daesh fighters

Or his inner Harper.

Scheer mocked Liberal plans for extremists he said left Canada to fight allied soldiers, watch as they “burned to death in a cage,” sold “women and girls into slavery,” and “who pushed homosexuals off of buildings just for being gay.”

Because who can forget how Stephen Harper liked to use those cages to try to make Justin Trudeau look weak?

Or forget how he tried to use fear to terrorize Canadians into voting for him?

Or forget how tried to use Bill C51 to turn Canada into a police state...

Or ever forget that Scheer may mouth the words, but this is pure Harper Think...

The Conservatives claimed the Liberals’ plan as framed in Bill C59, tabled in June, weakens the powers of security agencies to act in emergencies by requiring agents to seek warrants to stop terrorist acts, by limiting the definition of terrorist propaganda to actual incitements to violence, and by curbing “threat disruption powers” CSIS had acquired under the past Conservative government.

Or fascism.

But what I personally find most disgusting, is Scheer's claim that he's concerned about LGBT people.

When he's made it clear that he considers gay Canadians "abhorrent."

And quite frankly, the feeling is mutual. 

Which is why I am so glad to see this announcement:

For in addition to all the other good things about it, it will also put Scheer or Schmear between a rock and a hard place.

If he celebrates the apology, he'll lose half his bigot base.

If he fails to celebrate it, him and his Alt-right Mini-Me Hamish Marshall will lose any chance of winning over the millennials they need so badly....

Because no matter how hard Schmeagol tries to woo them, they hate bigots.

And as for using those cages, tell those grubby Cons we had enough of them with Harper.

And if those fascists want to keep beating that hollow drum.

Maybe they could do us all a favour, and make our country cleaner and safer.

By caging themselves instead...

Give us six more months to work on those two political thugs, and their filthy Cons.

And there won't be much left of them...


  1. Anonymous8:32 AM

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  2. Hi anon...sorry I deleted your comment, but you can't even spell anti-semitic, you're ignorant, you're a Scheer schniffer, and you're calling me a bigot? Get outta here loser, nobody cares what you have to say about ANYTHING...

    1. Anonymous9:55 AM

      PS I am contacting B'nai Brith to report you. I'm sure they'd like to have a chat with you.

    2. Glad to see Anon 9:55 obviously thinks the B'nai Brith is a part of the government security forces, and that they have a right to censure free speech. Canada's laws do allow free speech in most instances, unless it is incendiary or hateful in nature, but it does not mean we have to listen to messages we are not comfortable with. If Simon offends you, then don't listen to his message.

    3. Hi anon...So let's see, you're a deranged religious fanatic, a vicious homophobe, and an ugly Con, and so far you've reported me to Progressive Bloggers, the FBI, the Department of Homeland Security, and now B'nai Brith in the hope that you can shut down this blog, using my published posts? May I gently suggest that you take your medication, or a double dose of reality. And failing that you pathetic loser, apply for an intensive course of shock treatment, so you can claim insanity, when the police knock on your door. Now take a hike, and don't ever come back...

    4. Hi Filcher...as you can see from the comment above, that nasty little Con is so poisoned by hate, it lives in a parallel universe. We now know where it lives, we shall soon know it's name, and a legal fly swatter is about to come down on it. And needless to say, I have fought bigotry of any kind since I was thirteen, and no bullies can intimidate me...

  3. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Simon, the Liberals are back up to a 9% lead in nanos polling.

    1. Hi anon...yes I saw that, and as you know I'm not surprised. I heard the Con internal polls were showing a backlash, the Abacus poll backed that up, and it seems that Schmear and his filthy gang are paying a price for being too negative. As I said in my post, Harper created the party in his own image and it's still his ugly little monster....

  4. I'm very concerned about you, I mean being tough on terrorism and terrorists is normal Tory behavior, I doubt Liberal-Tory or NDP-Tory swing voters will be shocked and horrified by Scheer's hard on terrorism screed. It par for the course and if you even consider voting Tory it's to be expected.

    1. Hi Gyor....well you may be concerned about me, but I'm worried about you. Once you were an NDP supporter but now you are always backing the Cons. It may surprise you but I favour a hard line against ISIS terrorists. A very hard line, as in take no prisoners, and show those genocidal bastards no mercy. But I also favour the rule of law, and I don't want to live in a police state. The Con Bill C51 was a fascist bill, it's replacement Bill C59 is a big improvement. So to see the Alt-Right monkey Scheer using Harper's politics of fear to try to get us to go backwards is something I find intolerable. Our collective security and the health of our democracy should be above partisan politics...

  5. Anonymous10:54 AM

    Rebel Media is terrorist propaganda. Levant, Marshall and anyone affiliated with that two-minute-hate outlet should be in prison. La Meute is the French-Canadian spelling of Al Qaeda, just like MAGA is the American spelling of ISIS. Drain the swamp and lock them up.

    1. Hi anon....I have long argued that our anti-hate laws are inadequate. I think it's not that hard to distinguish between free speech and hate speech, and that if professional hate mongers like Ezra Levant lived in Britain he would have been heavily fined and maybe even jailed. We are lucky to live in a relatively harmonious diverse society, and we should do all we can to protect it...

    2. For Anon 10:54 to state "Rebel Media is terrorist propaganda." is way over the top.

      Is Rebel Media presenting far-right wing viewpoint? Sure.

  6. The facts are in and in the case of ISIS its CIA. No one can say this, but the CONs always supported this, and JT is trying hard to avoid it.

    Next round is with Iran and God help us.

    1. Hi Steve....I think it's a healthy thing to be suspicious of the CIA, but I've seen no evidence that they, as opposed to Saudi Arabia, had any hand in the creation of ISIS. And since the CIA run the drone war aimed at ISIS, who could blame those hairy savages for believing that with friends like that who needs enemies?

    2. Hi Simon, ISIS was formed by the remains of Saddam Hussians version of the CIA. These are the men that the US recruited during the so called surge in Iraq.





      Now some would say these links are fake news. IMHO RT and Sputnik when reporting about the USA are more factual than CNN by a long shot.

  7. Creating enemies of the State is an age old tactic used by governments to allow the masses to be controlled. Terrorism is not a problem in Canada, and the majority of terror attacks in USA and Europe have been linked to home grown terrorists, not the immigrants. I consider the attacks on Trudeau's promised aid packages to devastated and war torn parts of the world, to simply be a form of outward terrorism, we have the power to help, and are under a moral obligation in many of these countries, yet many would rather ignore the plight that the Western powers have caused, and continue to exploit the victims.

    1. Anonymous4:38 PM

      Not just any homegrown terrorists either. White-nationalists, for whom Scheer is their man just like they were and still are for Trump. Rebel ginned up hatred against Iqra Khalid, and now she's under 24/7 police protection. They've already done the same hate campaigns against Monsef and Hussen. It's already well known that Ezra doesn't care if he lies, as long as people believe it and it's about Muslims.

      Rebel is absolutely a terrorist propaganda network. They need to be shut down and anyone affiliated with them be at the very least discredited, and at worst, sent to prison, for aiding and abetting the incitement of hatred. That's not even counting what they've already said and done to harass and target the Prime Minister and everyone in his family -- including even his children.

    2. Hi Filcher...you're right, all of this fear mongering is the game of demagogues and fascists. Encouraging diversity, making all groups feel at home in Canada, and helping countries less fortunate than ours, has served us well in the past and is the way to go. The Cons are just playing cheap political games, and they should be denounced by all decent Canadians...

    3. Hi anon 4:38 pm...you are preaching to the converted. I have spent years criticizing Levant and his professional hate mongering. And to see how some in the MSM try to normalize that monstrous creature, fills me with disgust and makes me boil with anger. Vicious hate mongers should be taken down like terrorists, fined heavily, and hopefully sentenced to long and exemplary jail sentences....

  8. That was good! Also, "Scheer schniffer" XD

    Where we disagree is on making this about Harper. I don't know what the truth is, but I think Andrew Scheer, Hamish Marshall, and the current CPC leadership should own ALL this crap. Making Harper the power behind the throne gives Scheer & Co. a excuse they don't deserve.

    "Scheer schniffer!" :-)

    1. Hi anon. 3:05pm...I'm not trying to make this about Harper. I agree with you that Scheer, Marshall, and the Con leadership should own all that crap. I just wanted to point out that although Harper has gone, his rotten legacy endures. I still remember the day the Harperites unveiled those ghastly cage attack ads, and I couldn't believe how low they had fallen. But with Scheer and the Rebel gang working together, the next election campaign could be the dirtiest ever...

  9. Hi Simon. Just wanted you to know that Kady retweeted an extremely strong criticism of herself for her comments on Hamish Marshall yesterday. Shows she is aware at least and that's something. It only got two "likes" though, and one was mine.
    Devoted reader,

    1. Hi Laurie...thanks for that. I saw her original tweet and I thought it was appalling. Now let's hope that somebody in the MSM will take an in-depth look at the role Hamish Marshall played at The Rebel, and question why Scheer appointed him as the Con's campaign manager. The day we normalize stories like that one, is the day we wave goodbye to this country and its values...

  10. re: Hamish Marshall


    Tories promoted the clip in a fundraising email Monday sent on behalf of Hamish Marshall, the former Rebel Media director who has been named the Tories' 2019 national campaign manager months after helping Scheer win the party leadership.

    I'm Andrew Scheer