Thursday, November 09, 2017

Andrew Scheer and the Great Con Tax Smear

I made this little graphic yesterday to try to illustrate two points that I think need to be made, if we are still going to continue to call ourselves Canada.

Not some ratty repressive Banana Republic where Big Brother might feel at home.

And those points are:

One, Andrew Scheer is a grubby Con artist and liar who should be known as Andrew Schmear.

And two, guilt by association is the weapon of fascists.

Which to their eternal shame, our shabby Con media ignored, at least until now...

When Kady O'Malley defied the Big Schmear, and finally shoved some truth up his porky snout or up his you know what.

As yet (and keep in mind that this is being written on Wednesday, and could be made irrelevant by new information tomorrow) nothing in the latest batch of leaked records suggests that party money was involved in these overseas transactions. This was, as far as we can tell, all private family money, and not funds funneled from or to the Liberal war chest.

And while Bronfman has played a high-profile role in soliciting donations from party supporters, there’s nothing that points to any sort of cause-and-effect between his partisan passions and his investment strategies — which he has insisted did not rely on non-Canadian bank accounts to flourish.

With this being the bottom line:

Until there’s a clear line of collusion linking the prime minister or his party with the goings-on in the Cayman Islands, the rest of us might want to hold off on calling this a Liberal scandal, and focus our attention on finding out just how it happened, and what it would take to shut it down.

Furthermore, since the Liberal government is fighting tax evasion harder than any Canadian government before it, has already recovered $25 billion, and is going after even more.

The Prime Minister's statement that he is satisfied with what Stephen Bronfman told him, should in a democracy have no bearing on the CRA investigation.

The Liberal government will not say whether the Canada Revenue Agency is investigating top Liberal fundraiser Stephen Bronfman, despite the fact that the government has vowed to take a closer look at Canadians connected to the so-called ‘Paradise Papers’.

Saying nothing is NOT political interference, no matter what the Con haggis Lisa Raitt says:

“Specificity does matter in this case,” said Raitt, who added that Trudeau’s “political interference” sends a signal to investigators that there’s one rule for Liberals and another for everyone else. Raitt asked if Lebouthillier can confirm that Trudeau “pardoned” Bronfman of any wrongdoing.

On the contrary, it would be political interference if Trudeau did find out and reveal the names of anyone the CRA is investigating.

And since unlike American presidents, Canadian Prime Ministers don't pardon anyone. Dale Smith, one of the few decent members of the Parliamentary Press Gallery, is right:

Raitt is treating us like we are as stupid as her, you know the one who thought cancer was "sexy."

And as for the grubby political thug Pierre Poilievre, he is even more shameless for having the nerve to demand this:

Conservative finance critic Pierre Poilievre said Trudeau had “already exonerated” Bronfman, sending a signal to the CRA he did nothing wrong. Poilievre urged Lebouthillier to send a directive to CRA officials to “ignore political interference in this case.”

After the way Stephen Harper and his Con gang used the CRA like a political weapon to go after their enemies...

So when the Scumbag in Chief Andrew Schmear claims that Trudeau's remarks are "inappropriate" he is just playing dirty political games... 

Or playing God. Again.

Is that clear? Good.

Now will somebody please let this wretched old Trudeau hater know what's up and what's down. 

Or ask him since he's a retired teacher what he thinks of this?

The Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec and Ontario Teachers Pension Fund both use offshore tax havens to improve their returns and reduce their taxes. The pension funds say their offshore transactions are perfectly legal and raise no ethical issues.

Does he STILL approve of guilt by association?

Ask him whether he understands that the Cons are only smearing people like a pack of rabid ferrets because they're protected by parliamentary privilege?

And suggesting that people are criminals before they are even charged let alone convicted, as the Cons are doing, is as I said before, nothing less than the work of fascists.

Or maybe just ask that old dotard, who tried and failed to smear me about a month ago with the help of a bestial homophobe, and didn't even have the decency to apologize, whether he should really be blogging here. 

So he can join that small band of other crazed Trudeau haters, and him and his good buddy Andrew Schmear can live happily ever after...

As for me, I know what side I'm on. 

So nobody will ever find me shacking up with people like Scheer or Schmear.

Or ever accuse me of collaborating with the Cons.

This blog stands squarely on the side of the Great Canadian Resistance.

And I will fight the Cons and their depraved leader until the day they are destroyed.

Or end up in the place where they rightfully belong....


  1. Anonymous8:17 AM

    Amen, Simon. Keep fighting the good fight. Even the pig media now is starting to report on CON schemes to save tax havens for their rich friends.

    1. Hi anon...thank you for your encouragement, but I'm really annoyed that I have to stand up for the basic right not to be slandered. Or called a crook for no good reason. Tax avoidance makes me really angry because it's an assault by the rich on the fairer more human society I would like us to become. But when the Con media is too biased to stand up for what is right, and legalities don't count, then we have to do what we can to correct the record, and stand up for justice and the rule of law...

  2. Anonymous8:56 AM

    What exactly has Scheer done that he deserves prison for? Or do all of your political opponents need a Gulag?

    1. Hi anon...if Scheer had his way,or a strong majority, he would jail women for having an abortion, and their doctors, as well as LGBT people for just being who they are, as well as restoring the death penalty to turn our country into a slaughterhouse or good old America. He twists the truth to smear his opponents, and his creepy followers bombard me with vile comments and death threats on an almost daily basis, including the maniac that dotard tried to use against me, who is now banging on my windows demanding to be let in. We are on the verge of an all out war with the right in North America. So excuse me if I see the world slightly differently than you do...

  3. The Toronto Star ran a piece yesterday about meeting between CRA bigwigs and influential accounting firms to explain to the accountants how to use offshore trusts to their clients benefit. This was in 2013 when Harper was PM and Schmeer was speaker . I saw some grouching about you blaming the reformatories Simon on other blogs, but it turns out you were right.

    1. Hi rumleyfips...thank you, I've never claimed I'm perfect, and if I say something that's wrong I will retract what I said and apologize. But it drives me crazy to see how the Cons are twisting the truth to smear their opponents, and our flatulent Con media lets them get away with murder to please their corporate masters, or goodness knows what other pathetic reasons. I never thought I would have to use the words "fake news" but we're drowning in it in this country, and heaven forbid what a concept, but only the truth will set us free...

    2. Anonymous12:52 PM

      Reminds me of the Republicans still trying to attack Hillary for the "Uranium One" conspiracy as a way of deflecting from Trump and his cabinet's ties to Moscow. Let's see, the transaction happened in 2013, in a country that she wasn't a politician in or had any other influence over at all. So I take it she found a way to use her pizza cooking rituals to Illuminati mind-control Stephen Harper?

      Cons will stop at nothing to make their insane conspiracy theories fit the narrative. Breaking news: Hillary Clinton is not, and has never been, a member of the Conservative Party of Canada... and "Justin likes to drink soda."

      Every fake news con-spiracy is a tale told by an idiot, signifying nothing.

    3. hi anon...Andrew Scheer's tendency to lie like a thief is something Canadians should be really worried about, because now that the former Rebel director Hamish Marshall is Con campaign manager, it can only get worse. At this rate it won't be long before Scheer accuses Justin of spirit cooking with Julie Payette, in the Senate chambers after midnight. The MSM must do its job or we will be buried in fake news....

  4. Anonymous10:15 AM

    That blogging dotard who would cuddle up to Scheer, would do anything to smear Justin Trudeau, and has no right to call himself a progressive. What he tried to do to you was unforgivable, and he should be writing for the Blogging Tories.

  5. Hi anon...I don't really want to talk about that guy, I'm trying to get him out of my mind. All I did to him was make gentle fun of his anti-Trudeau obsession by using a character from the Muppets only to have him come after me like a maniac, and solicit the help of a dangerous and possibly violent anti-gay bigot, for which I will never forgive him. At least not until he apologizes...

  6. Anonymous12:46 PM

    That vulgar, deranged idiot was a TEACHER?!? At the very least, he should have to forfeit his pension! I feel bad for the poor kids who had to be in his classroom every day.

    Now, Trudeau was a good teacher, despite all the schmear attacks from his haters and the deplorably homophobic dog whistle of calling him a "drama teacher" (as though an appreciation for the arts is something to be ashamed of). But I bet that plays a part in why the blogging dotard is so jealous and spiteful towards him.

    Keep fighting the good fight Simon. That guy is a maroon and so are the deplorables in the C.P.C.

    1. Hi anon...I don't begrudge that guy his pension, but I hope that if his pension fund still has money in tax shelters, he won't be so quick to sign on to the Con campaign of guilt by association. As for why he hates Trudeau in such a almost deranged manner I have no idea. Trudeau is not a perfect politician, but he is a decent person and he does not deserve that explosion of pure unadulterated hate. My guess is that he hates the way Justin is making life better for women and LGBT people. And if that's the case too bad, I don't feel sorry for him. The times they are a changing and he better get on the train to the future or it will leave him behind....

  7. Anonymous3:00 PM

    What I can't believe is how the CBC allowed Scheer to make those comments about that fake scandal and never pointed out that he was using parliamentary privilege to smear Trudeau and Bronfman. I get it that the Post and that Trudeau hating blogger are biased, but what the hell happened to our "national broadcaster?"

    1. Hi anon....Good question. I have always been a huge supporter of the CBC, and I couldn't be more disappointed or angrier about what it has become. It's madness, the CBC is a Con propaganda outlet, even if the Cons would cut its throat were they given half a chance. The Con board must be replaced, half of its useless Con sucking managers should be fired, and at least a dozen of its senior reporters should be replaced by others less biased. A few of us are planning to start a nation-wide boycott, so stay tuned more news later....

  8. Anonymous4:32 PM

    The Cons were talking about a "pardon" again in Question Period today. They are such Trumputins they can no longer tell the difference between the U.S. and Canada. Damn them and all the Con media and all the dotards who support them !!!

    1. Hi anon...I didn't get a chance to see QP today, but I'm not surprised that those Trumpkin traitors would keep repeating that absurd nonsense about pardons. They truly are an alien cult and until they are totally destroyed this country won't be safe...

  9. I think Fleetwood Mac says it best.

  10. Anonymous7:15 PM

    I had a dream Simon where after Scheer is soundly beaten in 2019, he retires in disgrace and writes a book entitled "The Art of The Schmear".
    It quickly becomes number one on the worst sellers list with reviews such as, "A compendium of crap", "A great read, If you're illiterate" and "Trees had to die for this?"
    Just as Trump is destroying the Repugnicons, so to is the fate of the Cons under Schmear and his lowly band of Schmearlings.

  11. HI Babe Ruth....nice song, and great group but LITTLE Lies? The way the Cons are going every time they open their mouths a lie pops out. It's the old Trump tactic: spew out as many lies as possible, so nobody has any time to correct the record before the next one comes along....

  12. e.a.f.7:20 PM

    Now do correct me if I'm wrong Simon, but I do recall Stephen Harper "pardoning" a whole raft of clients of KPMG, when it was discovered they had "hidden" money in Europe. The large accounting firm "got a deal" for their clients by which they only had to pay up, no fines, no back interest...........Oh, how soon those Cons forget. At Scheer's age you'd think he wouldn't have become so forgetful.

    Under the current tax laws, no one did anything illegal. Perhaps it isn't "right" but there is no government, CON or Liberal which has changed the game rules. Now perhaps it is time to have a very deep and clear look at these loop holes, but in the meantime they are legal. The Guardian is reporting Oxford and a number of other universities in G.B. use the same loop holes, as does the Queen and Prince Charles. So lets see Scheer and his mob have a go at them.

    Brofman and Chrietien have said they didn't use the loop hole and do all their banking in Canada. Until proven otherwise I'll take them at their word. No of course we know Mulroney lied about receiving money back in the day, perhaps Scheer would like to comment on that..........In the meantime the federal Liberals have treated Mulroney like an elder statesman. Scheer is simply using the old Gobels method of politicking.