Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Is Donald Trump Preparing To Fire Robert Mueller?

His terrified White House aides say they have never seen Donald Trump looking and sounding so crazy.

The terrorist tragedy in New York has temporarily distracted him, but according to reports he has only one thing on his mind.

How to save himself and his family from the grim reaper Robert Mueller.

And he is laying the groundwork for another Saturday Night Massacre.  

Let’s be clear on what’s happening in our politics right now. President Trump and his media allies are currently creating a vast, multi-tentacled, largely-fictional alternate media reality that casts large swaths of our government as irredeemably corrupt — with the explicitly declared purpose of laying the rationale for Trump to pardon his close associates or shut down the Russia probe, should he deem either necessary.

With the intention of ridding himself of Mueller before he indicts any more members of the Trump mob.

The Associated Press reports that people who have spoken to Trump say that he has recently revisited the idea of trying to remove Mueller, now that Mueller appears to be digging into Trump’s finances. Meanwhile, CNN reports that former Trump strategist Stephen K. Bannon is privately urging Trump to try to get Republicans to defund Mueller’s probe.

And it is as the New York Times' editorial board calls it crazy talk. 

Reading the increasingly outlandish theories cooked up by Mr. Trump’s defenders and apologists is like entering an alternate, upside-down universe where Hillary Clinton remains Public Enemy No. 1. 

Mr. Trump would be wise to continue to ignore these loony ideas and restrain his own authoritarian reflexes. The president of the United States, no less than any citizen, lives under the law, not above it; Mr. Mueller’s investigation is the embodiment of that fact. Removing him now, after he has already secured two indictments, including one for Mr. Trump’s former campaign chief, and a guilty plea by a foreign-policy adviser, would send the message that Mr. Trump and his aides are accountable to no one.

It's a frightening situation, compounded by the fact that Trump's job approval has never been lower. 

At a time when support for impeaching him has never been higher.

So a desperate Trump is probably capable of anything...

But that is also the good news.

For Trump would not be so crazy desperate if he couldn't see the writing on the wall.

And the day when Mueller comes down on them all...

I can't imagine a better day.

It's Mueller time in America.

And with a little bit of luck, as I've been saying for so long.

The monster Trump will end up in the place where he deserves...


  1. I wonder if some members of the Trump team are starting to bail out and are suggesting that their lawyers have some cozy little chats with the special investigator's staff? It's clear that the Orange Chief has not a shred of loyalty to his subordinates, so simple self-preservation suggests fast exits for anyone who is not guilty of really serious offenses.

    What was that TV show, Let's Make a Deal?

    1. Anonymous3:18 PM

      Monty Hall, another great Canadian. RIP. Trump is the costumed contestant on the program who serves as the back half of the golden ass, with Putin up front. But if we're talking a domestic beast, the back half is Jared with "daddy's" head not screwed on straight... looks like someone's going to get kicked in the teeth from both ends...

      Oh, and Justin the mild-mannered reporter wins not only the best costume but the Best Leader award. Prezident Zod is going to try and give Lex Kushner some lovely parting -- er, pardon gifts, but sooner or later they're all going to end up in a Fortress of Solitude in Leavenworth or some arctic gulag in Siberia. Low-energy dopey clowns. Sad!

    2. hi jrkrideau...I haven't the slightest doubt that is what Mueller is trying to do. Put as much pressure as possible on those he has indicted, and get them to squeal on others. As you point out, Trump is unlikely to inspire much loyalty, so it just might work....

    3. hi anon 3:18 I said in my post, if Jared or Donald Jr get nailed by Mueller expect the Trump Castle to come tumbling down. There are already reports circulating that Trump isn't going to run for another term which can only mean that he is already burned out. Or that he is trying to get Mueller to go easy on him. Good luck with that one...

  2. Anonymous11:46 AM

    Simon with all the money laundering crap going down in BC now affecting Ontario , could you please have a look and expose some crooked politicians and RCMP in BC no media here will touch it it's common knowledge here but either they're involved and are afraid to add it up, all the info is available after all they spent millions investigating a back deck but nobody will touch this after all Trump is not our concern stay close to home where you are needed !!!!!!!

    1. Anonymous3:07 PM

      Simon is an effective multi-tasker, and Trump is everyone's concern -- including and especially Canada's, as we saw with NAFTA and the backstabbing by Brutus Harper. The fact that the US is a de facto Russian outpost under Trump should be of particular concern to Canadians; prior to the 11/9 Massacre, the only thing separating Canada from Russia was Alaska and the Bering Strait -- but as of now, they're connected by a 4,000-mile undefended border.

      That's not even counting the other effects Trump and Trumpism has had on immigration and refugee intake levels. Desperate people are fleeing the US en masse because they fear a paranoid, genocidal maniac who has long-standing ties to the Russian mob. If this was 1972, he'd be reporting on draft resisters abandoning Nixon's America to take shelter with Pierre.

      So, he might look into that story about the local political people in BC and Ontario, but he's also going to keep on top of the ongoing Drumpster Fire south of the border. America's woes affect everyone. Remember what Pierre said about the elephant in the bed...

    2. Brutus Harper.
      I like it!

    3. hi anon 11:46 am...I'm sorry, but I hardly have enough time to blog about what's going on at the federal level in this country. I don't even write about what's going on in my own province. B.C. is a long way away. And I don't even know whether I will be living in Canada a year from now, so I can't promise anything. Sorry about that....

    4. hi anon 3:07...thank you for explaining to that other reader why what is going on in the United States is so important. I'm sure many other Canadians feel the same way about the Trump Follies, and like many Americans wish they could just change the channel. But they can't, not when Trump is threatening Canada in so many ways, and could end up leading us all to war. It would also be very selfish not to try to find any way to help our neighbours in their time of need. The elephant is indeed large one, and sadly the future looks orange... ;)

    5. hi jrk rideau...yes, that's a good one. Brutus Harper indeed...

  3. Anonymous3:53 PM

    That's an amazing video. I think I'll play it every night before I go to bed. Thanks for sharing Simon!

    1. hi anon...I'm glad you liked it. It was recommended by Keith Olbermann, and I found it amazing and VERY entertaining. Let's hope it's also prophetic...

    2. Simon, Caledonia calling?

    3. hi lagatta...yes, it is, strongly...;)