Thursday, November 23, 2017

Andrew Scheer's Shameful and Disgusting Alt-Right Day

By now it should be clear that Andrew Scheer and his Rebel campaign manager Hamish Marshall, are turning the Cons into an Alt-Right party.

A party of bigots and misogynists, more Trump-like than Canadian.

And in that regard, yesterday was a banner day. 

For first Scheer was able to introduce his hand-picked Alt-Right MP Dane Lloyd.

A man whose Twitter slogan is "Fear God, Honour the King" and is one of the only 58-thousand people in the world followed by Donald Trump.

A brutish right-wing extremist whose Alt-Right views couldn't be more obvious and disgusting. 

A Trumpkin who with his reactionary views and his Richard Spencer style haircut, would not look out of place at a rally like this one...

But then neither would Scheer.

Who as soon as he was finished introducing Dane Lloyd, made this his FIRST Question Period question: 

A question about a teaching assistant at Laurier University, who was lectured by university authorities, for turning a class on writing and sentence structure into a debate on the views of Jordan Peterson...

A Canadian university professor and religious freak, who blames the problems of the world on "secular Marxists." And is a ghastly Alt-Right hero whose views on transexual Canadians and women couldn't be more appalling.

Just as Scheer's intervention couldn't be more disgusting, since he is in no position to weigh in on the matter.

Not when his views on LGBT and women's rights are so backward and barbarous...

And not when his energetic fierce championing of free speech...

Albeit illiterate, is only designed to allow the most fanatical anti-abortionists to cover campuses with grotesque posters like these...

For as I've pointed out before, Scheer is just a dangerous religious fanatic and a low bigot...

Who is certifiably unfit to be the leader of any Canadian political party.

And the good news?

The millennial generation that will decide the next election has already made its views on Scheer absolutely clear...

And with a prime minister like this one...

Who will stand up for our CANADIAN values.

The Alt-Right Cons are doomed.

And if we fight for it hard enough.

The future belongs to us...


  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    Yes we need to support our excellent PM and keep the cons out of power for as long as possible.

    1. hi anon...yes, that should be our main concern, keeping the Cons out of power, hopefully forever. I hear some snowflake progressives arguing about this or that, or that the Liberals are doing enough. When if the Cons should replace them they would do NOTHING. It's time those progressives lived in the real world. Complain by all means, but don't forget to do what must be done to defeat the Cons...

  2. Anonymous10:46 AM

    Simon I have to ask, who proofreads Scheer's moving(as in bowels) posters? A guy who drags one leg and is named Igor? They're so incompetent they can't even get a poster right, and they want to run the country? Not if I can help it.
    Now that Dane and his tiki torches are lighting Scheer's way, I think they need an anthem that best describes them and if you listen closely enough you'd think Joe was singing "I'm Feelin' Alt-Right".


    1. Hi JD...looking at that poster it looks like it was done by what remains of the Con's own propaganda service. Once it was bigger than Big Brother's, but now it's considerably smaller. It shrunk just like the Cons. As for Dane Lloyd, am I the only one who thinks he looks like a Central casting Nazi in a 1940s movie? That can't be good. But it does go with Joe Cocker's excellent song. The more the Cons recruit people like Dane Lloyd, the easier it will be to defeat them...

  3. Anonymous10:54 AM

    In case their is any doubt, Scheer is following Harper's agenda. Make no mistake, Dane LLoyd is his Proud Boy.

    1. Hi anon...I remember that article well. And you're right, Dane Lloyd is Scheer's proud boy. He chose him over the candidate Rona Ambrose wanted. And no wonder, with a slogan like "Fear God, Honour the King" Scheer must have been on his knees praying up a storm of gratitude. Today he can celebrate, tomorrow he'll pay for it. I'm hoping that Dane Lloyd will be the gift that keeps on giving...

  4. Anonymous11:41 AM

    I knew that SOB and his Apt Pupil would bring up the scumbag Peterson. They should both be asked whether they would require a Jewish seminary school to host a Holocaust denier for "equal time." It's just free speech, right? Let the audience decide whether the Jews died and/or if they're even people (looking at you, CNN)! Peterson is now having his own inquisition of "leftist professors" who won't tolerate his false-equivocation crap!

    Are LGBT people pedophiles? Are women who get raped "asking for it"? Was American slavery kind of a good thing with a silver lining? Or residential schools (as that excruciatingly tone-deaf con senator said)? The science isn't settled on climate change, so why should anyone think that history is settled either? Many, many good people on many, many sides, right Andy? Right Hammy?

    This bothsiderism bullshit has to stop, and once again even the so-called "liberal" media is complicit in enabling it. Hate and disinfo deserves no platform whatsoever. Keep it contained just like any other form of noxious pollution. Revisionist whitewashing of history is the stuff of totalitarians. They can all go stick-a their swastikas where the sunny ways don't shine.

    1. hi anon...I must admit, I tried to ignore Peterson as long as I could. A messiah from U of T? Give me a break. It's pathetic how that asshole poses as a martyr to stir up his followers into a frenzy, while he laughs all the way to the bank. He claims he's not a misogynist or transphobic, but most of his followers seem to fall into that category, so they must know him better than he knows himself...

  5. Anonymous5:55 PM

    The US just refused to sign a U.N. resolution condemning Nazism because they didn't want to infringe upon freedom of speech for Nazis. Sounds like an Orwellian false-equivocation argument right up Peterson, Lloyd and Scheer's, um... alley. The only other countries that voted no were the island of Palau for some reason, and Ukraine -- because of course, the Russian puppet state is taking the side of Poroshenko's freedom to be a Nazi.

    Someone needs to press Darth Odious and his Sith-in-training apprentice on this, either in QP or at the eventual debates. "Mr. Scheer, if you were PM (the Force forbid), would you approve or disapprove of this UN Resolution calling for action to counteract Nazism and other forms of hate speech?" Wind him up and watch him squirm.

    1. hi anon...yes that is the way to proceed. We need to place those Alt-rightist Cons between a rock and a hard place, on all kinds of issues from women's rights to gay rights, to the neo-nazis at The Rebel. Many Canadians don't know much about Scheer and his gang, so now is the time to educate them....

  6. Anonymous8:31 PM

    For some reason everyone agrees with laws that protect people from fraudsters whether its investment, consumer sales, medical treatments, lottery winnings etc. The rules are fairly clear; if someone takes something of value from you by promising you something they know they cannot deliver its fraud. As the Cons so amply demonstrate the same rules do not apply to politics. For example the Cons essentially claimed that that if they were in power you would be safe as any one suspected of being an ISIS fighter would be either locked up or not allowed to return to Canada. What they don't say is that in order to do this they would have to change our justice system to "guilty until proven innocent", tear up the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms and withdraw from any UN protocols on treatment of prisoners of war. Yes its possible to do this but the odds are the same as Bernie Madoff claiming it was not really fraud because he took .001% of the money he scammed and bought lottery tickets in the belief that one big win would pay everyone back with interest. There is no doubt that the Cons have crossed over the line between over enthusiastic politics into basic fraud. It would seem reasonable that if this is the new norm we should make free speech universal and repeal all laws governing fraud. Perhaps if people were allowed to experience the effects of fraud disguised as over zealous free speech in their daily lives they would be able to recognize the Cons for what they are.

    1. hi RT...It is disgusting that the Cons would play games with our security, the same old fear games they played during their years in power. I am all for punishing any terrorists who fought for ISIS, but proving they fought for ISIS is in many cases almost impossible, many are dead, those who return are less likely to be repeat offenders than ordinary criminals, and we would be much better off creating security systems and programs to head off any wannabe jihadis, before they get into trouble. But of course that's too sophisticated for the brutish Cons, who will no doubt soon shift to scaring Canadians into believing that hordes of Haitians will soon be invading us and spreading Sharia Law. If they lost any more IQ points we really would have to water them...

  7. Anonymous12:08 AM

  8. hi anon...thanks for the link, but I had actually read Chris Hedges' piece a few days ago, and quite frankly I was not impressed. I have no time for those who would wander about spouting off like street corner preachers, and wallowing in despair. They usually turn out to be either crazy or dangerous. Hedges' analysis is largely valid, but he offers no suggestions on how we can get to his Nirvana. He fails to recognize that in the real world everything is relative. And that making everything sound the same or just as bad as the other is self defeating, and will not motivate anybody, especially not the young, to do what needs to be done...