Friday, November 24, 2017

Donald Trump's Sad and Scary Thanksgiving

As you probably know, yesterday Americans celebrated their Thanksgiving or Turkey Day. And sadly, there was at first glance, very little to give thanks for this year.

Although the biggest turkey in the United States, the so-called Orange Oaf, begged to disagree.

Claiming that it was the BEST Thanksgiving EVER.

And strongly suggesting that ALL Americans should thank The Donald for EVERYTHING!!! 

And I mean ALL of them.

For once they were losers, but now they were WINNERS !!

On Thanksgiving, President Trump celebrated winning. 

Early in the morning, he tweeted a list of wins, including the “highest Stock Market EVER,” a reduced unemployment rate and a new Supreme Court justice. A few hours later, he video-chatted with troops stationed around the world and told them that they are now winning because his administration is allowing them to do their jobs and win.

While forgetting to mention that his approval ratings are so low nobody could remember the last time an almost new president was so unpopular.

Or that only the idiot fringe was still loyal to him...

But for how much longer?

Or that many Americans believe that a person like Trump, with the nuclear codes for World War Three only a few feet away, could be dangerous, even FATAL.

For this is INSANITY:

But then of course, the Orange Oaf has so many other things to worry about. 

Like the terrifying thought that his old buddy Mike Flynn, might be getting ready to squeal. 

A lawyer for former national security adviser Michael Flynn informed an attorney for President Trump this week that he can no longer discuss the special counsel’s investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election, a sign that Flynn may be preparing to cooperate in the probe, people familiar with the investigation said. 

The call from Flynn lawyer Robert Kelner to Trump attorney John Dowd came Wednesday evening and is a potentially ominous sign for Trump and his close associates.

Because if Flynn does squeal, he could help Bob Mueller hit Trump with all kinds of charges... 

Charges that could eventually help evict Trump from the White House, or help send him to the Big House....

Which as you might have guessed by now, is one of my fondest dreams.

So when I think about it, progressive Americans do have something to give thanks for, something to celebrate. The slow implosion of Donald Trump.

And as Charles Blow writes, this is as good a time as any to let the megalomaniac know exactly how most progressives feel about that turkey. 

Donald Trump, I thought that your presidency would be a disaster. It’s worse than a disaster. I wasn’t sure that resistance to your weakening of the republic, your coarsening of the culture, your assault on truth and honesty, your erosion of our protocols, would feel as urgent today as it felt last year. But if anything, that resistance now feels more urgent.

Nothing about you has changed for the better. You are still a sexist, bigoted, bullying, self-important simpleton.

And urge Americans to recommit to the Resistance... 

Trump is unacceptable in every possible way, and must continue to be met at every turn with the strong arm of defiance.

Because no matter what Trump says, it's the Resistance that's winning not him.

And it's important to remember that in the bleak dark days of November.

As for me, I'd just like to wish my American readers and friends a very happy Thanksgiving Day weekend.

In the hope that they might invite me one day to their victory party.

And please, please, please.

Save some turkey for me....


  1. Anonymous9:49 AM

    Mueller will take care of it.

  2. Anonymous12:34 PM

    You cultural Marxists (and literal ones) are right out of "1984" - Two Minutes Hate and everything. You hate voters, you hate the people, you hate democracy, you hate the constitution, you hate anyone who has a different opinion.

    If you actually have any positions besides turning democracy into a totalitarian safe space – where even debating gender pronouns is considered a "hate crime" – they are lost in the fog of your absurd hysteria.

    Donald J Trump is the King of All Media. He is playing you. He knows he just has to say some trivial thing to get "The Resistance" acting like crazy assholes. When you call him dumb names it just reveals you are fanatics filled with hatred and all your "love and unicorns" talk is a lie.

    Deep State corporate news incites hatred and hysteria among the public because Trump is killing free-trade globalization and the Cold War revival with Russia. You neo-progressives are globalist useful idiots who unwittingly support neoliberal economics and egregious geopolitical corruption. You have real progressives like TR, FDR and Ike rolling in their graves.

    The universe has sent Donald Trump to slay the progressive beast which has turned into an abomination. It no longer bears any resemblance to what it was originally – back when men and women ruled the world, not spoiled little bastards who turned civilization into Lord of the Flies.

    1. Anonymous3:28 PM

      On the contrary, you Trumpkins are the ones out of "1984" who can't tell the difference between B.S and reality. Your Big Brother is a groper and a fraud, who is making America great for billionaires. But still you brainwashed Trumpkins believe every word he says.

    2. Anonymous8:39 PM

      I'm not a "Trumpkin." I'm just someone who's informed on political and economic issues and their history. No one would claim Trump is perfect. But he is the most accomplished president since Eisenhower. The only one who has represented voters.

      The rest have been bribe-takers and outright looting plutocrats. They have been involved with crimes against humanity. And have plundered all the wealth out of the Western economy putting the world in peril of collapse into world war - which is what precisely happened 80 years ago.

      Trump stopped the TPP - which Obama was trying to foist on Americans AFTER they rejected it in a general election. He's renegotiating NAFTA, which many presidents and prime ministers promised to do - but were lying.

      He stopped the military industrial complex from reviving the Cold War with Russia - after they tore up the Middle East creating a multitude of terrorists - some of whom they armed - sending a waves of refugees causing crises in many European countries.

      Trump is a mixed bag. But at least there's something in the bag. Twinkle Toes is trying to save the autoplant exodus to Mexico. Wants to sign on the TPP and do free trade with China. Trump is the only one standing in his way. How crazy is that?

    3. Anonymous9:17 PM

      LOL, this is real and not satire? Justin-Pierre le Christ on a maple-syrup-covered piece of French toast, this guy is a fuddle-duddling moron. (h/t Rex Tillerson for the R-rated version of the insult.)

    4. Anon 12:34; 1984 described a world where the people believed the lies being told by their Government, which describes the alt-right perfectly. (Governments are evil, except for TRump Government which is good) You refuse to believe science or fact based evidences but prefer to believe the words of a conman and bully- and based on your ability to write coherent sentences that do provide some thought, you know 1984 has more in common with the conspiracists that do not trust the government but do trust Trump than the progressives who are usually basing arguments on the facts and evidences we have at hand.

      Trump was not sent by the Universe, God, Sauron, or Santa, he is more likely a product of the racial tensions released from 8 years of Obama's presidency. He has neither the experience, the knowledge, the wisdom, nor the charm, to lead the US- he only has bigotry as a strength.

      Now the "King of the Media" is a misnomer. He is saying some trivial things not because he knows better and is "playing us"- he says those things because he has no clue of what he is saying, if he was my neighbor I would call him a liar- for as his statements are contrary to facts and known evidences, there is no other way to put it.

      He has admitted to groping, assaulting and sexually harassing women, he has been caught lying numerous times, he has refused to release tax reports as he said he would, he has made money off the government secret services in Trump Towers (and even used the SS in ads for the hotel), he ignored environmental crises, and ecological crises and used those affected as political pawns, he has refused to acknowledge the dangers of white supremacists and fascists, he has ignored returning servicemen killed in battle, and even used them as political gains, he has attacked and ridiculed those serving, and those retired, has demanded recognition for actions that should be expected of a leader without calling attention to them, has mocked the disabled, called learned men frauds and charlatans, along with denying human affects on climate change, and bullied anyone that disagreed with him. I may have missed a few score more egregious acts of Donald.

      It is hard to keep score (what we need are Trump trading cards to keep his sins straight)

    5. Hi anon 12:34 pm....I normally don't publish any comments from people who use the words "cultural Marxists" because what kind of Trump or Steve Bannon words are those, and what on earth do they mean. But since some of my readers have done an excellent job of demolishing your arguments, I'll just say this:
      Before the election I might have given you the benefit of the doubt, because Trump was making some revolutionary noises. But now that we have seen what he is doing, creating a government by and for billionaires, I find it hard to understand why you and so many others are still fooled by that demagogue. He's bad for everyone but himself, and if people keep encouraging his vulgarity and his madness, he will end up destroying the world....

  3. Anonymous12:44 PM

    A very happy "canary" day is more like it!

    1. Hi, now, let's not exaggerate. Flynn is going to sing like a canary, but Trump has too much flesh on him to be anything but a very plump butterball turkey...😉

  4. Anonymous3:17 PM

    If Mueller turns Flynn, Trump will be doubly screwed. He'll be tainted by all the Russia stuff, but even more significantly it will inevitably lead to his firing of James Comey the FBI director, and that's a short cut to impeachment.

    1. Hi anon 3:17....I like that scenario a lot. And although I'm not sure we will ever see the Republicans impeach Trump, if Flynn spills the beans, and a number of the Trump gang are indicted, The Donald should go absolutely wild, and his government will descend into chaos. Which eventually should lead to the death of the Republican Party. And what more could we ask for?

  5. Anonymous3:46 PM

    As Bill Maher pointed out last week, Trump must start each day by asking himself "how can I be an asshole today".
    His Thanksgiving gift to 60,000 Haitians to get out was a definite Ahole award or his daily idiocy via Twitter definitely fills in for the bigger atrocities.
    Charles Blow once again tells it like it is, meanwhile, Trump's followers drool and clap his every move. What is wrong with these idiots?!!
    As Trump ate his all white meat turkey dinner amongst his white family at the white house, I hope that in the back of his mind he knows the end is coming. Mueller is rattling the chains of those closest to him and the thought of that must be excruciatingly uncomfortable.
    As Trump pardoned the turkey, so to will Pence have to pardon a much bigger turkey in the future. As galling as it seems, at least that turkey will be very well done.

    1. Hi JD....I have a vision of the Trump family gathered around the Thanksgiving table looking like the Addams family, and fighting over the wishbone. I hope somebody made a video because it will be worth millions one day. We'll look and shudder, while Trump's supporters will look at it and blubber. I have no idea why so many Americans still support that bloated demagogue, but what I do know is that sooner rather than later they are going to be brutally disappointed. Trump is just a con man and they have been conned. I do feel sorry for some of them, the truly desperate. But none for the Nazis and other bigots, who used Trump for their own foul purposes...

  6. You have to wonder about Trump's thanksgiving dinner at Mal a Propio. Eating a turkey for him must be an exercise in self cannibalization.

    1. Hi rumleyfips....well since he usually gets two scoops of ice cream while his guests get only one, I can't imagine one turkey would be enough for that cannibal feast, not if Trump wants both legs. I think only Fellini could do that scene justice...

  7. I am just a civilian and do not no nothing about aerodynamics. IMHO the F35 is a dud like its similar profile the Lead Sled.

    I have no way of knowing, but I do know that stealth is great but in war
    you are not operating that way, you are total energy to the shields and energy to the attack. It seems the Russkies are on that doctrine and the Yankees are making a good buck. No one knows for sure untill contact, but it appears on paper that the F35 is a princess in the hanger and a turkey in the air.

    More than that it seems the Russkies for any weapon you want to grab
    when SHITF have a better option.

    I think America is the greatest weapon against darkness ever assembled
    by this generation of mankind, they just need someone to say,
    hey what about the people acutally living here.

    1. My understanding is that the F35's stealth technology has had ongoing problems, the Chinese were believed to have several million lines of code for it's computer systems, it can be detected by old style radar systems, and it is not as capable as the fighter built in France, nor the one used by the Russians. They have had several years to right these problems, but other countries are upgrading their technology also, so putting money into a plane that may not be state of the art in 10 years time does not seem profitable.

    2. I was reading a post by the Sarker who seems to be an ex-Soviet block (KGB?) officer living in the USA,(strange man) and he seems to think---based only on open sources---that Russia now has a qualitative advantage over the US in military equipment and produced for a fraction of the cost.

      Amusingly, one of the reasons he cites is that the Russian procurement and development system is less corrupt than the US's for major projects. As he wryly states, this is surprising and corruption at lower levels is still more common in Russia. Given the historical levels of corruption this is a novel view.

      He also cites a better design process where things are designed by/for the military as opposed to some corporate headquarters dreaming up a project and pitching it to the Pentagon (My interpretation).

      An interesting viewpoint but when one looks at the F35....

    3. Hi Steve....from what I have read the F35 is a real dud. As Filcher points out, it's stealth capabilities have been greatly exaggerated. it can be spotted on radar and blown out of the sky almost as easily as any other fighter. And worse, I believe it will be soon rendered obsolete by the arrival of robot guided planes, that are cheaper, more maneuverable, and can swarm targets like nothing ever seen before. The Russians have already indicated they plan to invest heavily in A.I. or artificial intelligence. And along with cyber and satellite warfare I suggest that will be the future of war, unless we're smart enough to say enough is enough...

  8. Anonymous6:12 PM

    Trump has been described as Putin's Manchurian idiot. Although Putin cannot take all of the credit it is doubtless that both the Russians and Chinese danced with glee when the Orange Groper came to power. His MAGA vision of turning the US into an isolated feudal state with deep moats and all roads leading to the dynasty inhabiting the golden tower must have been viewed as a God send. With one simple change they were given back control over their part of the world and opportunity to expand influence into areas they could previously only dream about.
    However I am sure they are smart to realize that the gift comes with some serious strings. The second half of the MAGA vision is that although Trump is picking up his toys and going home he is completely willing to vaporize anyone who threatens the kingdom and like any good mercenary his army is for sale to those that have enough money. The leaders in Russia and China have to know that probably sooner rather than later someone is going to get vaporized. The how and why is known but the where, who and when are unknown and difficult to control. Its like wow we just were given half the playground but the dumb ass with the flame thrower is coming to incinerate everything.
    Although everything is exceedingly fluid it is likely that the saner minds will consolidate their new found gains and then use whatever ill gotten influence they can muster to unseat the Groper and return to the global chess game in a much stronger position. Although it must be tempting to delay as the gains in the middle east and the China seas are rolling in with South America on the horizon the doomsday clock is only a few strokes from midnight.

    1. I have offen wondered why would Putin want Trump as President. First and most likely lots of ongoing CHUm deals. Second, if you want to destroy America its a lot less messy than nuclear war.

    2. Hi RT....I think the Russians just wanted to stir up things, and were most surprised to see that they had helped elect Trump President. But if that's what happened, they must by now understand that they have helped create an unstable monster, who could turn on them as easily as he could turn on the Chinese. When I see somebody tweeting crazy stuff at 5:30 am, or a 71- year-old man talking like a child, I fear for the future. If he's acting like that now, imagine what he might do when his whole world starts imploding. If we survive the Trump nightmare we should consider ourselves very very lucky, and make absolutely sure it never happens again....

    3. Hi I said above I don't think Putin wanted Trump as president. I think he just wanted to cause Clinton as much trouble as possible, and was surprised like most people by the final result. Unless of course he does have some stuff he can use to blackmail Trump, and in that case goodness knows what might happen...