Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Palin,The Terminator, and the Christianists

Well I suppose it had to come to this.The Republicans are so DESPERATE they had to call in The Terminator to say something nice about Sarah Palin.

Because she's KILLING THEM

It may yet turn out differently, but at this stage in the campaign for the White House it appears that if John McCain loses in November the turning point will not be the financial crisis hitting in late September but his choice of Sarah Palin as his veep in late August.

Two new national polls show that voters cite that choice as the main reason they have turned from McCain.

But all Arnold could bring himself to say was that Palin is a "quick learner".....and she'll be ready "some day."

Which means I suppose that John McCain is just about TOAST. Unless God can convince a lot of Americans to vote for him.

Like this Christianist..

Hmmm...I'd love to call that lady up and tell her that Sarah Palin is the Anti-Christ. And the reason I KNOW that is because Jesus told me PERSONALLY.


But before you laugh...just remember it's Amerika.

There are MILLIONS of them. And in country full of frightened, angry people...where God gets to vote.

ANYTHING could happen.

So I'd just like to address the youth of America tonight, from the relative safety of my reinforced igloo, and tell them that in 13 days they will face a TERRIBLE choice.

Between The Messiah and the Anti-Christ.

Or to put it in even starker terms......this song:

And this one:

And I think you know which song we Canadians prefer.

So for fuck sake make sure you register and VOTE. Eh?


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