Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Steven Page Gets a Second Chance

I'm really glad to see that Steven Page won't be going to prison.

The lead singer of Juno-winning band Barenaked Ladies will not serve time in jail for drug possession charges laid over the summer in upstate New York, a U.S. judge said Tuesday.

New York Judge Thomas Miller said Steven Page must seek drug treatment and stay clean for six months.

Because he's a real nice guy. A good defender of progressive causes. And when he isn't farting around....or making music for kiddies... he can really ROCK.

So I'm hoping this unfortunate episode will help clean his life up.

Get him back to playing REAL rock n roll.

And as I said when he was arrested, help him stick to the good stuff.

Like alcohol....

Because as I said when he wants to he can REALLY rock.

Welcome back Steven.

We missed you...

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Unknown said...

He got a second chance.He should use it.

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