Sunday, October 05, 2008

Stephen Harper and the Bully Culture

I dislike Stephen Harper for many reasons. I hate Great Bush , Howard , Harris Leader because his brutish neocon philosophy is alien to this country. And would destroy everything I love about it.

I hold him in contempt because of the way he lies and cheats. And because he pretends to be something he isn't. Like a nice guy in a granny sweater.

But most of all I loathe him because he's such a cowardly BULLY. A bully who has turned our Parliament into a bully paradise, where him and his filthy Con swine try to DESTROY their opponents rather than just defeat them. Or denigrate people like Stephane Dion not for what they believe in, but for what they look or sound like.

And his scummy followers pile on with their ugly ads and their bully websites. Here's their latest pathetic effort.The amateur sombre version.

Now first of all the whole thing is RIDICULOUS. What kind of morons would choose a leader based on how they play ball hockey? Only a Con with a brain the size of a tennis ball could think that qualifies you to be Prime Minister.

I mean can you imagine Great Porker Leader waddling around a court flailing at the ball? While Jason Kenney in nets spreads his chunky monkey legs to offer a more inviting target. And John Baird stands on the sidelines huffing and puffing and trying to BLOW the ball in. Wouldn't THAT be an ugly sight? Eh?

But more seriously ....I don't know why Stephen Harper is such a foul bully. Is he a clinical psychopath, with his cold dead eyes, his creepy voice, his complete lack of empathy, and his inability to smile like normal people do? Just open his mouth and show his teeth.

Or is he just a really nasty guy....or a bitter nerd who attacks Dion because he hates himself? Who knows and who cares?

What I really worry about is whether the bully culture he has created in the RepubliCon Party, and the country, is leading to criminal acts like these.

Toronto police patrolled a midtown area overnight, after vandals cut brake lines on at least 10 cars parked at homes with Liberal election signs on their lawns.

The cars were also damaged in other ways; some were scratched and keyed with L signs. Phone and cable lines of some homes were cut.

Because this isn't just's TERRORISM.

Of course I have no idea who is reponsible. Maybe it's the Christian Taliban. Or the real Taliban all the way from Ka-BULL. Or a bunch of nude NDP candidates all the way from BC ....high on marijuana. Or maybe the Bloc Quebecois is responsible because it.

But hey you don't have to be Einstein, or Freud, or even Sherlock Holmes to strongly SUSPECT which party these criminals support. i.e. The Bully Party of Canada.

Because when you encourage people to bully others, or DESTROY Stephen Harper wants to do to the Liberal Party of Canada... can you really be surprised that a culture of hatred and personal destruction might turn even UGLIER? Or spawn little criminal monsters.

I hope the police catch these TERRORISTS and charge them with attempted murder, before they kill someone. And hopefully BEFORE the we can see their ugly faces.

I hope Canadians wake up to the bully in Stephen Harper. And expel this monstrous alien thug from power.

Because when bullies rule, and terrorists roam our beautiful land.

NOBODY is safe...

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