Thursday, October 09, 2008

From the Theatre of the Absurd...

Don Martin discovers that Stephen Harper has a secret weapon.

"I use my mother as an obvious example because she is the person closest to me most worried about the stock market these days. Believe me, I get quicker updates from her on the stock market than from the department of finance."

Oh really? If you believe that then I'm sure you'll believe this guy.

Meanwhile in the United States ..... the McCain/Palin ticket tries to portray Obama as not American enough to be President. And one out of three white voters believe it.

Polling by the Pew Research Center last month reveals that only 63% of white voters say Obama is patriotic. (That's 32 points fewer than McCain, and 13 points fewer than Hillary Clinton got among all voters in March.) When asked by Pew in May what they dislike about McCain, the overwhelming majority of respondents cited his political views. In Obama's case, however, nearly a third also mentioned "the kind of person he is."

While Andrew Sullivan wonders what would happen if Poppy McCain was flying the United States when he suddenly croaked.

And Sarah Palin was Karen Black....

Only to have a reader set him straight.

While I just wish that if Poppy is going to croak he does it BEFORE the election.

So the rednecks and the white trash that support him can go back to fucking their pigs.

And Sarah Palin can go skating.

Had enough? I don't blame you.

We may have a Mummy Boy as Prime Minister. But at least he's going to get his ass wiped. MOMMMMMMMY I'M DOOOOONE !!!!!

While in the United States of Amerika madness runs wild

And ANYTHING could happen...

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