Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ever Feel Like a Blogging Vegetable?

You know? Depressed by the election results. Feeling a little WILTED?

Well now you're not alone.

A plant that blogs has become a minor celebrity in blogging-mad Japan.

The pot plant - a hoya kerii, more commonly known as a 'sweetheart plant' - has been wired with sensors which measure bio-electrical signals and then translates them in to Japanese.

"Today was a sunny day and I was able to sunbathe a lot. I had quite a bit of fun today," reads one of its typical entries.

Hmmmm....wouldn't it be EXCELLENT if all we needed to inspire us was a sun lamp and a watering can?

And BTW if we lefty bloggers are like roses and lilies, and rutabagas?

Does that mean the Blogging Tories are like stinkweed, poison ivy....

Or this nasty plant?

Stephen? Stephen TAYLOR?

Feed me. FEED me !!! Bring me the head of DION !!!!

Yikes. How about Mike Duffy's porky BUTTOCKS? Eh?

I mean where's a Roto-Rooter when you NEED one?



P.S. I must admit that when I first heard that the Japanese had a blogging POT plant I was even MORE excited.

"What a grooooooovy day. Turn up the sun baby. Hey YOU !!!!! Keep your hands off my BUDS !!!!!!"

But I guess you can't have EVERYTHING...


penlan said...


Clicked on your link to the article & then to the link in the article for the plant site. But it won't open the site. Did you have to make any adjustments in your port or firewall settings to access it?

Simon said...

Hi penlan !! ....nope....but here's another link:


Now excuse me while I go wire up my houseplant. Being a naturally lazy blogger this is a huge break!!! Although I should warn everyone it's cold and grey here so the next few posts might be really short and really gloomy... :)