Saturday, October 11, 2008

Stephen Harper and the Women of Canada

I don't know. Maybe it's me. I've been feeling kind of burned out recently. Living in the shadow of fascism....or a Harper majority .....can be so EXHAUSTING.

But when I saw the latest RepubliCon ad aimed at fooling women into voting for them...

It reminded me of a movie I once saw. Where the heroine moves to a small town and comes face to face with Stephen Harper's IDEAL Canadian woman.

Who is subservient, domesticated, not bothered about silly stuff like equal rights. Just Stephane Dion.

And can do EVERYTHING. From cooking, cleaning, and having babies, to mowing the lawn...

Wow. The only way that ridiculous Con ad could have beaten that, is if it had ended with an image of Stephen Harper staring in through the window.

Opening his mouth. Showing his teeth. And muttering in his creepy Stepford Prime Minister voice: "Bake.... me .....a .....cake .....woman. Let.... me... shake...your...hand....child."

But do you think that would make women feel better about Harper? Instead of deserting him. In droves.

I didn't think so. You can fool the idiot men in this country. But luckily for the future of Canada.

You can't fool the women.

Oh more thing. When you're feeling a little burned out. And you need to save up all your strength to stop that fascist cyborg from MOWING our country.

Laughter is the best medicine.

Have a great weekend everyone !!!


  1. "You can fool the idiot men in this country."


  2. The same poll, a day later, shows the women of Canada un-deserting him.

  3. Hi Peter....OK OK I should have said you can fool a LOT of idiot men in this country, since I'm obviously not including myself. But you know what I mean? Men have always been more partial to the ReformCons.You just have to watch or LISTEN to the Cons during Question Period. Hee Hee Haw Haw Oink Oink. That's why I think women are smarter. That's why I think they should rule the world...

  4. Hi Paul...well lovely...that'll teach me to get the few facts I put in my posts from you. :)
    But look at it this way. Firstly, the way polls have been during this election I figure you go with the ones you like. I've been taking Nanos to bed like a teddy bear ever since the campaign started. And secondly with Thanksgiving weekend upon us...and knowing who is going to get stuck cooking the turkey...I'm not surprised if women are a little down.I'm sure they'll be feeling more positive on Monday once all the relatives have gone...
    Now excuse me while I go kill myself...

  5. LOL, great post, Simon.

    Of course, the only poll that really counts will be the one on Tuesday, and although I don't really see a PM Dion, neither do I see a majority in Steve's future.

    Tuesday should be nerve-wracking.

  6. Hi JJ !!! Thanks I must admit that spoof of the Stepford Wives really cracked me up. But yeah it is a scary time. I think that Harper is going to fall short of a majority, but the strength of the progressive parties also lowers the number he needs for that majority, and the left split could allow Con candidates to squeeze up the ANYTHING could happen....

  7. Anonymous11:09 AM

    hey guys i need a couple of answers what is stephen harpers strenghts and weaknesses