Saturday, November 01, 2008

The Palin Prank and the Christianist Invasion

As the Republicans gather in the Last Chance Saloon. And wonder what to order. A hard cheese sandwich. A stale mooseburger. Or a coffee with extra cyanide.

And Sarah Palin gets what's left of her foreign policy served to her on a baguette.

Yes, yes, I understand we have the equivalent of Joe the Plumber in France. It's called Marcel, the guy with bread under his armpit.

The Christianist hordes Evita Palin unleashed, are descending on San Diego to try to influence the election and ban gay marriage..... by praying and FASTING.

Golly. Can you imagine FASTING? In Amerika? That's practically heresy. And how come nobody told Jerry Falwell? When he hit the ground for the last time it registered about six on the Richter scale.

I mean Jesus in a Cheeseburger can The Abyss be far off ? Can you have a good Rapture when you're HUNGRY?

Or is it just fascism?

Hmmm....if that's not fascism it's dangerous INSANITY.

But don't worry the gay people of California and their straight friends are fighting back with ads like this one.

OK OK so it doesn't have the budget of The Call to Deliver the Homosexual. And it isn't particularly original.

But talk about the difference between darkness and light.

The Christianist hatemongers are right to call it a war.

Except that they are the darkness.

And we are the LIGHT....


P.S. What is it with these Quebecers? First they save us from a Harper majority, now they put the final nail in Palin's coffin.

Who do they think they are? The Hammer of the Cons? Why are we always saying thank you?

Merci. Merci. Merci....

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Anonymous said...

Let's see if they have the courage to do that to Barrack or his wife. Hell will break loose. maybe they can talk about our 57 states or how America is a downright mean country when you make over 300k as a professor with 3 years experience because your husband is a senator or maybe about how to get a cheap/free land when you make a deal with a slumlord.
But all these are too difficult to be understood by illiterate uneducated wanna-be victims.