Monday, November 03, 2008

The Mormon War on Gay Marriage

As the battle over Proposition 8 in California reaches a fever peak, figures reveal the extent of the Mormon war on gay marriage.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has mobilized followers to give an estimated 77% of donations to support California's proposed marriage ban.

Californians Against Hate released figures Tuesday showing that $17.67 million was contributed by 59,000 Mormon families since August to groups like Yes on 8. Contributions in support of Prop. 8 total $22.88 million.

Because of that support, the bigot side has much more money than the No on 8 side has.

But that hasn't stopped some of their supporters from striking back .With this ultimate home invasion ad.

You know I don't judge people for what they believe. Even though I don't believe it myself. Just for how they treat others.

So I was really glad to read about this rally by some Mormon mothers.

One rally that did surprise the country -- and the organizers -- was a quiet vigil against Prop 8 in Salt Lake City, Utah. More than 600 people showed up at Salt Lake City's Library Square heeding a call from three Mormon mothers of gay children.

"I am so touched that you would be here," said a tearful Millie Watts, the mother of six who organized the vigil......This is what happens when people in California say mean things about our gay kids. The mothers come out of the closet."

And why I like this last humble ad that our side was able to fire off today.

Because that's what it's all about.

Gay people are fighting for their lives and their families.

Proposition 8 is nothing more than the cruelest and most foul kind of discrimination.

And the bigots must not win....


sassy said...

LDS stand on Prop. 8 oozes irony

Anonymous said...

i don't think its discrimination at all.

Government does not recognize marriage because of "love" it recognizes it because of children. the state has an interest in making sure children are taken care of.

While homosexual couples can adopt, the best place for children is in a home with a married mom and dad. There is not enough date to prove otherwise--

I think children have a right to a mom and a dad. I think gender matters. I'm sorry if people think this is mean. I don't think homosexuals are bad people, I just want to live in a society that values its children and their future happiness.

you might find this site interesting:

i think it is fine if same-gender couples adopt. i don't think it is fine for government to encourage a situation that denies children from their birth a chance at a mom and a dad.

vote yes on prop 8

PeterC said...

So, prop8, you are saying it is more important for children to live in abusive opposite sex marriages than stable same sex marriages?

Of course, all that comes from your assumption that marriage is recognized only "about the children." Won't somebody think of the children! BAH! I don't have children, can't have children, will you deny me my right to be married? What about the protection that it affords my wife who will only survive on my pension when I'm gone? You do not have a clue what a marriage is about.

Oh, and did you examine the research used on that web page? All of the typical anti-homosexual stereotypes are to be found, interpretations of research which support things like, heck, Gays get AIDS are extrapolated to Gays shouldn't have kids. Should we screen out anyone who has a history of cancer too? What about obese people? They die young too.