Sunday, November 09, 2008

Proposition 8:The Good the Bad and the Ugly

I didn't really want to write about this story.

It's too depressing. If I had been there I would have told the gay yobs to shut their yappers or I would do it for them. Because being angry doesn't give you the right to be a racist. That's BAD and we're supposed to be better than that.

On the other hand making it sound like the entire gay community should apologize for the actions of a few, like some have, doesn't cut it either. Gay people have a right to be angry. Or in my case very disappointed.

And black homophobia is a real problem.

I was born black. I can't change that," said Culver City resident Bilson Davis, 57, who voted for Proposition 8. "They weren't born gay; they chose it," he added, reflecting a commonly held belief that many researchers dispute.

Los Angeles resident Christopher Hill, 50, said he was motivated by religion in supporting Proposition 8. Civil rights, he said, "are about getting a job, employment." Gay marriage, he said, is not: "It's an abomination against God."

Black voters DID vote heavily for Proposition 8. Many polls before the election, confirmed the Great Divide. Nobody can deny it, it IS disappointing. And voting to take away other people's human rights when you know how much discrimination hurts, is cruel and UGLY.

And this black blogger says it better than I ever could.

Basically, "we" have a lot of nerve when we call for the limiting of someone else's rights. Especially when there are so many black people who are gays and lesbian who don't feel the love and support of our community. All because we are so wrapped up in one passage in Leviticus and not the numerous others we ignore (shellfish, anyone?), not the other parts of the Bible we ignore, not acknowledging that we cherry pick and interpret as we choose in an effort to do to others what was done to us.

Make us not human.

Having said that I think it's unfair and wrong for anyone to single out black people. It's a religious problem more than a racial one.They didn't determine the result. Many more white bigots voted for Prop 8 than black ones did.

And we need to build more bridges to the black community. Not blow up the few ones we have.

But for that to happen many in the black community are going to have to do some soul searching. Because we didn't vote to take away THEIR rights.

And trying to diminish our long struggle against oppression, or failing to recognize that gay marriage is an equality issue, and that being prevented from honouring the ones we love, like others can, strikes at the very heart of our humanity, or portraying us as privileged racists is not just's OFFENSIVE.

And it really bothers me.

Especially since my beautiful idealistic companion Sébastien is at this moment helping to feed the hungry in this desperate country.

Trying to help the poor suffering black people of Haiti who he loves with all his heart. And both us us have fought racists and supported black rights since we were both young teenagers.

And since I'm worried about him and I already miss him a lot I need to be tarred as a racist a time like this.... like I need a hole in the head. It could make me really ANGRY. Or lose hope.

Except that I remember what Sébastien said shortly before he left the other day.

Simon don't blame black people. It's OK to tell them we are disappointed, and that they have to deal with the homophobia in their community. Just like we have to deal with the racism in ours. But they are not our enemies. We were defeated by religious intolerance, Mormon money, and straight homophobia.

And don't forget the GOOD part. Huge numbers of young straight people, of all colours,voted against Proposition 8. So if the politicians and the courts don't fix the problem. Sooner or later the new generation WILL.

And also remember that one of the best things we can do to make that day come sooner, is just show people how incredibly strong, beautiful and BRAVE our love is. Like we do.

And these guys did...

Because when you do that AMAZING things can happen.

Gay people, straight people, blacks, whites, latinos, asians or whatever. All together the promised land. I promise you. C'est la PROMESSE de notre génération.

Oui Sébastien. You're right. Take care eh?

The struggle is hard.

But hope is EVERYTHING...

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