Friday, November 07, 2008

Barbara Kay: Discriminating Against Gays is OK

As if it wasn't bad enough that one of the big reasons gay people lost the right to marry in California, is because so many black people voted against them.

Now the foul homophobe Barbara Kay says blacks shouldn't be ashamed of that...because gay people aren't really an oppressed group.

African-Americans, Jews, aboriginals, the Roma people and other historically disadvantaged ethnic or racial groups experience their collective memory through the narratives they inherit from their parents and grandparents and ancestors. Indeed, they are a true identity group because they have a collective history and common memories. The sufferings they endured are directly related to who they are historically, to characteristics and events they cannot change, to their skin colour and bloodlines, to the deeds of their ancestors. Where is their commonality with individuals disconnected from the great chain of human history, whose "identity" isn't a culture, an ethnicity, a race or a civilization - just a mere sexual preference that rules out both a collective past and a collective future, the sine qua nons of a true identity group.

Oh yeah. No collective memory? What about this one?

Or what about these gay teenagers in Iran?

Or the thousands of gay people who are attacked and murdered every year just because they are gay? Or the millions and millions who are forced to live miserable lives in the shadow of prejudice?

As I said yesterday gay marriage is about a lot of things.

And a marriage certificate is not just a piece of paper. Like Kay seems to think:

Beside the true discrimination blacks have suffered, the lack of a symbolic piece of paper in an otherwise unencumbered life is as insulting as moaning and groaning about your sniffles to a cancer survivor.

It's about equality and respect. And stopping the hate and the killing.

*Sigh* I could go on and on but why bother?

Kay is nothing but a skanky homophobe. An absurd fetus fetishist who recently wrote that "belief in God is a prophylactic against superstition.” Huh?

A Muslim basher who calls Quebec "Quebecistan," and a Christianist wingnut who believes that Sarah Palin's racist redneck movement is a "feminist revolution without the feminists." Kookamunga.

In short, a twisted fucking MORON.

So I think I'll just offer her my Tarzan salute.

You know...the skanky wanky salute.

Golly. I can only hope that the National Post folds soon....and that Kay will be forced to hand out her hatemongering shite on street corners.... so she can be engulfed by a swarm of monster flies.

Because while decent people HATE stinky bigots.

You know the flies will LOVE her....


  1. LOL, that Tarzan is great.

    The only time bigots like Barbara Kay ever decry oppression of women or gays is when they want to score points against Muslims. They are liars and hypocrites who will twist the truth to further their self-serving world view.

  2. as the new president again and again emphasize freedom,its quite ironic for these to say we hav the right to ban gay marriage,at least freedom is based on not interfering others lives.whatwill really happen after the proposition eight came into power...i started to be scared...

  3. Simon, the math involved in "blacks killed prop 8" just doesn't compute. The black community in California is unfairly being scapegoated.

  4. Hi Beijing...I'm glad you liked's amazing what you find on YouTube.As for Barbara Kay I don't think I've ever read her stuff before. But it idn't take much googling to find out who she was.

  5. Hi Ur Merit...yeah that was like hearing one message in each ear. One full of hope and one full of hate. But don't worry our generation voted massively against Proposition 8 so the future belongs to us...
    And one day in China too.... :)

  6. Hi Dr Prole....perhaps I shouldn't have started the post that way. Because it is a raging discussion and it deserves a post by itself.
    In the meantime I'm not suggesting that black people were responsible for scuttling gay marriage. And I would resist any attempt to scapegoat them. But the fact is other polls before the election have shown that blacks were heavily against gay marriage, so the CNN poll is a bit of a red herring. Black homophobia IS a real problem, and it's killing black people as well. As I pointed out in my last post on the subject the real culprits are the homophobic black churches who have been fighting us for years. As well as the Mormon Church that bankrolled the operation.I'll try to write something thoughtful when the anger settles a bit. But it'll be a while. All I can say right now is that I still find the spectacle of one oppressed group oppressing another simply appalling. And we're the ones who had our rights taken away from us.
    So we want be saying sorry to ANYONE.Just fighting for our stolen rights as hard as we can....

  7. Dammit Simon, wouldn't it be great if everyone would just chill out and mind their own business and stop all the animosity towards each other.

    Oy. It's fucking exhausting, all the dissonance out there.

    I'm with you, doing what I can from where I sit. :-)

  8. Anonymous3:22 PM

    If genetic linkage, rather than common beliefs, is the only thing that defines a true group for us then we are no better than animals.

  9. Check out the LA Times op ed piece by Jasmyne Cannick today.

  10. hi're right. It's just nonsense. Gay people have a history, a culture and a shared experience of suffering at the hands of bigots...and that's more than enough. Why do people go out of their way to make life harder for others? Beats me....

  11. Hi Tornwordo...I read it, it inspired to write another post about black homophobia...although I really didn't want to. I included a link to Cannick. But then I took another look at it, and it enraged me so much because her whole argument is bullshit,I replaced it with something else.
    And the insensitivity of it is mindboggling. To be saying those things when gay people are so hurt and disappointed just shows what kind of person she is....