Monday, November 17, 2008

Johnny Rotten and the End of the World

Lordy. As if the signs of The Abyss weren't already all around us. The Great Burning Barrel in the ones we'll all be warming our hands over in the street when we lose our jobs.

Stephen Harper's crude attempts to hasten The Apocalypse his church says is imminent....and trying to sabotage efforts to reform the Krazy Kapitalist system.

While his screeching, wailing Christianist wingnut followers turn a Conservative convention into the closest thing Canada has ever seen to a Klown Klan a Bavarian beer garden.

And now the Final Sign that the end must surely be IMMINENT.

Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols....has ....*gasp*..... done ....

A BUTTER commercial !!!!!!!

Butter? Butter? Why did it have to be butter? Oh well. I always loved Sid butter....until he stabbed his girl friend. But who knew The Abyss could look so bleak? Who knew Johnny was the Anti-Christ?

Then I saw one of the comments on the blog where I swiped the YouTube:

I believe in this, and it’s been tested by research: He who f*cks nuns will later join the Church.- The Clash.

And suddenly it was all so OBVIOUS. It was almost like an epiphany. Eh?

Stephen Harper and his Christianist fanatics are a MORTAL threat to Canada... AND the world.

And Johnny isn't the Anti-Christ. He just got OLD.


God save the Queen her fascist regime.

Doesn't life SUCK?


leftdog said...

Johnny Rotten was/is/and continues to be fabulously brilliant!!

Simon said...

Hi leftdog...yeah yeah I agree with you I was just having some fun. And that WAS the best butter ad I've ever seen.
On the other hand if what's left of The Clash ever did a butter ad I think I'd have to KILL myself !!! :)