Friday, November 28, 2008

Stephen Harper and the Parable of the Penguin

Now that the Canadian opposition has called the Bush Cons' bluff.

And even Paul Wells thinks that the super-genius 3D Vulcan chess master is an idiot.

Stephen Harper is my prime minister and for all I care he can go on being my prime minister as long as he cares and can win the little fantasy confrontations that so excite him. But he is acting like an idiot and I am ashamed of his behaviour.


I'd like to try to explain the situation to those Canadians who don't follow politics that closely. And may be nervous about jumping ship at a time like this one.

Try to think of yourselves as a penguin in a pool full of killer Con whales. Who aren't really hungry, but would like to eat you anyway. Because it's in their GENES.

Then think of a coalition government as a rubber zodiac.

And let this video explain EVERYTHING...

Oh sure. Riding a dinghy in a pool full of killer whales is always going to be a little scary.

But did you see the look of shock when the big sardine stuck its head out of the water and saw the penguin and the humans?

Huh ??? WTF???

Then imagine Stephen Harper saying the same thing....or making whale sounds like WAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!!

Think of the BLOODY alternative.

And consider yourself one lucky penguin...

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