Friday, November 21, 2008

Bush, Hitler, and the Collapse of America

Well at least now we know how historians will sum up the Imperial Presidency of George Bush.

He ruled for eight years. He cheated, he lied, he tortured, he murdered hundreds of thousands of people, he tanked the economy, he made ignorance a virtue. And before leaving office he set the stage for the Collapse of the American Empire.

A government report released Thursday paints an alarming picture of an unstable future for international relations defined by waning American influence, a fragmentation of political power and intensifying struggles for increasingly scarce natural resources.

Wow. I don't envy the nasty Chimp. A hundred years from now the survivors of The Great Darkness will still be dancing on his grave. Or gnawing on his bones to stave off starvation.

Just like I don't envy poor Obama who has to try to save the world.

Even though some say it's already too late.

Ongoing turbulence will make it harder to focus on long-term changes. Recent weeks have seen much chatter about a second Bretton Woods, a gathering of states to rescue the world's economy from its woes. But what if we have not yet reached 1944? What if we're still in 1914, when the world's first period of globalisation was about to end to be replaced by 30 years of upheaval, depression and conflict?

Yikes. That IS pretty depressing. First the grinding poverty. Then the bloody carnage. Then the cannibalism. And then the planet burns.

But I'm an optimist so I suppose it could always be WORSE. Eh?

With house prices going down the toilet....and homeowners debating whether to use some rooms for fire wood, and others for chicken they can keep warm, eat, and STILL pay the mortgage.

Imagine how awful it would be.

If you were Hitler's real estate agent...

People I warned you.

Make sure you have a bunker....and lots of chickens.

This is going to be really BAD...

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