Saturday, November 29, 2008

Is Harper Planning to Shutdown Parliament?

I ask that question because the Uber Hound of the Blogging Tories seems to think it might be a good idea.

This would provide some breathing room for the government and let Canadians consider a Bloc-supporter NDP-Liberal coalition while they eat their Christmas dinners and/or get together for their holiday parties.

The opposition will cry foul, but it’s within the Prime Minister’s power. The effect on Ottawa would be to pour some cold water on the heated political atmosphere on the Hill.

And when Great Crazy Leader's little blogging poodle barks you know what that means...the PMO boys have been scratching his tummy.

So let me get this straight.

First they threaten to kill democracy, destroy pay equity, and deny the public service the right to strike. And call that an economic update. While failing to provide any help for Canadian workers who are losing their jobs all over the country.

Even though economists point out these idiot ideologues don't know what they are doing.

“This economic statement has done little but inject venom into Canada’s politics and uncertainty into the minds of already worried consumers and businesses. And of course, it has badly undermined the credibility of a government whose nasty partisanship used to be balanced by an image of competence. Now it looks both partisan and inept.”

Then they delay the debate on the economic statement until December 8. Then they back down and say they won't kill democracy after all. Not at this time anyway.

And now they are threatening to shutdown Parliament altogether...even as the country sinks further into recession? Huh?

Holy Mussolini. Are we still living in Canada or is this the Duce of Grand Fenwick? Are these crazy RepubliCons and their truly disturbed leader out of control or what?

That's why I'm with Scott Reid.

First things first: take him out.

After all, Stephen Harper is the most dangerous animal lurking in the jungles of Parliament....
He doesn't play to win. He plays to conquer. Under his guidance, the public interest is always subjugated to his personal political advancement. And he poisons Parliament with an extreme, bare-fanged breed of partisanship that has no hope of repair until he is banished.

Their imperative could not be more clear: kill him. Kill him dead. Do not, whatever you do, provide him with an opportunity to extend his hold on power. Because you can be damn certain he will never again be so reckless as to give you a chance to finish him off.

By even considering shutting down Parliament. By playing more dirty political games in the midst of a crisis, these foul criminally incompetent Cons have sealed their fate.

And have shown us yet again why we NEED a Great Progressive Coalition to save our beautiful country.

Don't back down now. These Cons MUST be defeated.

Crush them. Squash them.

Finish them off....


Anonymous said...

Ooooo, them's fightin' words.

But I like them!

Simon said...

Hi Bina !! You know after the way the Cons treated the opposition I hope they aren't too surprised that we REALLY hate them.
When you're about 30 per cent it;s never a good idea to bully the other seventy per cent.
Because the Day of Reckoning cometh... :)