Tuesday, April 08, 2008

The McCain Girls Strike Again

OK. You know how after I saw the first McCain Girls video.

I said that if the Democrats couldn't beat Poppy after that, they should stop shooting at each other..... and just shoot themselves.

It was THAT bad. So bad it was ......beautiful?

Which kinda gave the impression that it couldn't get any worse.

Well I was wrong about that. Sorry...

OMFG. One big gay blogger in the U.S. called their last video worse than Hitler.

But this one REALLY sucks.

The only thing that could top it. Or bottom it.

Would be the McCain Girls singing Hail to the Chief.

At Poppy's inauguration.

If that ever happens, fuck the fate of the Democrats.

Just remind me to shoot MYSELF.

Before the song begins...


P.S. Since I am talking about Amerika....I thought I should note that Chuckie Heston has gone to the Great Shooting Range in the Sky.

Gosh. I still remember how disappointed I was when I went to see The Agony and the Ecstasy.

Only to discover that Michelangelo WASN'T gay... and Agony wasn't a drug.

But I'll never forget his role in Planet of the Apes.

Because thanks to him and his Republican cohorts we're ALL living on one now.

So I thought this tribute was fitting.

It's Judgement Day for Con Moses!!!!!

Whoopee. Doopee. Do...

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