Tuesday, April 15, 2008

The Pope and the President, the Rat and the Chimp

It would be hard to imagine a more revolting sight. The Pope in Amerika.

The Chimp kissing the Rat's ring.

One of them a war criminal with the blood of hundreds of thousands of innocent Iraqis dripping from his hairy paws.

The other an old Nazi responsible for whipping up a murderous hatred against millions of innocent gay people. Attacking their love. Denying their humanity.

Treating women like chattel.....second class beings....daddy's little girls. Unfit to even control their own bodies.

While covering up the crimes his unholy perverts committed against thousands of poor children.

And what is the perfumed Rat offering now?

Nothing more than a prayer for the prey.

When you really consider Pope Benedict's solution of prayer to a problem that has devoured the lives of an unknowable number of children - with 5,000 revealed since 2002 alone - it's hard not to see a callous indifference that refuses to acknowledge the church's complicity in such atrocities because it leads to his own doorstep...

The dubious power of prayer has always had its practitioners - but few have been more cynical than this.

The Rat and the Chimp may escape justice in their life times.

And unfortunately there is no hell ..... just like there is no heaven.

But their victims will not be forgotten.

And one day these crummy criminals.

Will swing from the gallows of history...


Sh@ney said...

Well said!

Simon said...

Hi Sh@ney !! Thanks.I don't know why but Benny always inspires me. For example when I heard him speaking English the other day...his thick German accent reminded me of one of my favourite war movies The Great Escape. When the leader of the escapees is brought before the evil Gestapo guy and he says "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAH Bartlett..."
Scary.... :)