Saturday, April 19, 2008

Spring, Lucky Dube, and the Blogging Doldrums

When the big skating rink looks like this....and it's 23 degrees ...and the cruise boats are back.

And so are these guys...

Shamelessly begging for bread crumbs.

And down at the fake beach

The boys are boarding again.

Where they're not allowed to.

And hoping that these guys don't catch them...

It's time to declare that Spring has finally sprung.

And admit that it's REALLY hard to blog. Especially about the things I blog about.

You know....the neverending struggle against hatred and and bigotry. That can't be helped because I'm gay. And I'm proud to do. But unfortunately goes with Spring..... like dog shit and ice cream. With the bigots as the poop.

But luckily I don't have to blog about anything heavy.....because my big brother is in town.

And he brought me a copy of the latest collection of Lucky Dube songs.

I told you how sad I was when he was killed.

But the new album reminds me how great he was. And that this great post Apartheid anthem just about says it all.

So I don't hafta...

Different colours. One WORLD. One love.

How hard is that to understand bigots?

Just like Spring is finally here hosers !!!

Enjoy it while you can !!!


ur merit said...

Sometimes we cant get what the life mean,we may get unfair treat,but in the other side,the world is fair to everyone,turn the mess into opportunity like the spring eventually will be spring if we believe.

Simon said...

Hi Ur!!! Is that some wise old Chinese saying? :)
I like the optimistic message. These days it's too easy to give in to despair. And as I wrote on your blog I'm sure that life is about to become a lot better for gays in China. There are good signs everywhere. So don't despair spring will eventually be spring if we believe !!