Tuesday, April 22, 2008

RaidGate and the Con Jungle

One of the worst things about our fragmented world is that sometimes people get lost in the details and can't see the Big Picture.....or the forest for the trees.

Which is bad enough. But what is worse is seeing the Cons...but not the JUNGLE they would create.

Take this story for example.

I thought Jason Cherniak did a pretty good job of summing it up in 30 seconds.

But to understand the bigger picture you have to read David Akin.

And this money quote from Tom Flanagan:

"People expect conservatives to be tough. They believe in the values of self-help, individual responsibility, criminal justice, economic realism, and national interest. They look ridiculous, if they go around snivelling and complaining about fairness every time an opponent takes a shot at them. Political campaigning is a civilized form of civil war. The point is to win the war, not to complain that people are fighting. Leave the whining to the utopians who fantasize about conflict-free societies."

You also need to remember that Tom Flanagan and Stephen Harper are members of the sinister Calgary School.

And that if they ever get a chance they'll shrink the government that protects us from these Con predators.

Until it's so small they can drown it in a bathtub.

People.... know in their guts that Conservatives were protecting themselves when they sacked the nuclear watchdog for barking at safety violations or when they black out reports on Afghan prisoner abuse. Not so easily grasped beyond the capital is that the ruling party is at war with government itself.

That will please core Tories most comfortable when government is too small and discredited to be effective. But if that's leadership then this question demands an answer: Is the country being taken someplace it doesn't want to go?

Good question.

But of course that's really what the next election is all about.

Will decent Canadians prevail and preserve the country and its cherished values of tolerance and compromise?

Or will Stephen Harper and his Cons get a majority and turn Canada into a jungle?

That's all we really need to know.

Everything else is just DETAILS.....


P.S. I wonder if the Liberals will be smart enough to put the video of the raid online? Along with other footage of the Cons behaving badly.

So we can make our own YouTube videos and use them to hammer the Cons in the next campaign.

Call it a YouTube Seed Bank. When the future of Canada is at stake.

Every Tuber counts...

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