Saturday, April 05, 2008

Why I Can't Forgive Tom Lukiwski

I see that Tom Lukiwski is really really really REALLY sorry about what he said about the faggots.

And I'm not surprised. How would YOU feel if you were one of the cowardly no-nut sheep in the Con caucus, and you had just reminded Canadians about the real nature of that government..... and it's nasty Hidden Agenda?

Would you shit your woollies? Or just baa a lot ?

What did surprise and disappoint me was the large number of progressive bloggers who were willing to overlook Lukiwski's record.

Conservative MP Tom Lukiwski says the toxic anti-gay comments he made 17 years ago weren't really his views, but he warned less than three years ago that same-sex marriage could lead to polygamy and social decline.

And slip him a little love.

Some Liberal bloggers argued he should be forgiven because it happened in 1992....back when dinosaurs roamed the earth. Another compared it to a harmless frat party. And then there was this squishy apologist.

If we're going to be honest, we all heard these kinds of things back then - from friends or family or whoever else. It wasn't right, but it was common. And while you hopefully weren't saying them yourself, the odds are that you were willing to turn a blind eye, or at least not to judge the person who said it the way you'd judge a racist or an anti-Semite.

Isn't that special? Because so many people hated gays back in the mists of time, it's deplorable but understandable, and eminently forgivable. What a dweeb.

As if it was that long ago. As if attitudes have changed that much. When everybody knows that if a man who is now a sitting MP had accused Jews and Blacks of spreading disease NOBODY would be lining up to kiss his bigot ass. Talk about being impaled on your own double standard.

But then it doesn't really matter. The way I see it's not up to straight people to decide whether to accept his apology or not. It's up to those he smeared with his ugly words..

In that regard some gay bloggers are willing to forgive him. Just like one day I'm sure I will forgive Matt for dragging in Tommy Douglas.

Some like my blogging buddy Bruce are not so generous.

And neither am I.

Not because I don't believe he is sorry. Or because I don't believe in redemption.

I do.

But because unlike that progressive blogger, the Con Lukiwski has never shown ANY signs of having changed his hateful ways.

And because of the terrible damage his kind of neverending hatred has done to our community.

Because so many straight people are infected with the disease of homophobia, gay kids are still mercilessly bullied in our schools. Gay teenagers are driven to despair and suicide. And the lives of all of us are diminished by discrimination, insults and violence.

And then there are the secondary effects. The low self esteem and self loathing that can lead to self destructive behaviour.

And terrible problems like this one...

Can you feel the pain. Can you feel the anger?

How come everybody argues about words, and nobody talks about the CONSEQUENCES ?

Can they feel our pain? I doubt it.

Can they feel our anger?

One day they will...


P.S. Does this mean I want him to resign or lose his position as Parliamentary Secretary? Hell no. I want him to be PROMOTED.

So we can hang him around the neck of the Harper Cons during the next election. That should be worth about ten points in Quebec.

Now THAT'S an apology....

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Anonymous said...

He's sorry the tape was found. Somehow I don't think his constituents in Fossilfuck will give too hard a time for this.

Mere words can damage people for life.