Sunday, May 08, 2011

Making Plans for President Puppet

I wanted to go out and stencil President Puppet's picture all over the downtown area after reading this story.

Halfway through the 2011 campaign, a Conservative war room operative sat down in an Ottawa pub to discuss the party’s entire strategy against Ignatieff.

“They say that we try to portray Ignatieff in our ads and so on as a weak and flailing professor,” the war room staffer said. “No, that’s how we portrayed Dion. Dion was weak, you know, Dion was ‘not a leader.’ We’ve never said Michael Ignatieff isn’t a leader. We’ve never called him weak. And we’ve never called him a flip-flopper. Even when he changes his mind, we don’t say he’s a flip-flopper. Michael Ignatieff, in our narrative, is a political opportunist who is calculating, who will do and say anything to get elected.

“He’s a schemer. When he says one thing and then he changes his mind the next week, it’s not because he’s indecisive and a flip-flopper. It’s because he’s an opportunist who will say different things to different people. I don’t think we’ve even used the phrase, even internally, ‘He’s a malicious human being.’ But that’s kind of the sentiment we’re getting at. With Dion, we were trying to portray him as weak. You can’t trust him to lead us out of the economic recovery because he’s a weak man. With Ignatieff, it’s ‘He’s a bad man,’ right? He’s someone you don’t want your daughter to marry, right?”

Because that's who the Cons are eh? The kind of perverts my parents warned me about. And I want to make it really clear that soiled puppet will NEVER be my President.

I also wanted to say something about what Maude Barlow wrote about here.

The Harper Conservatives do not have the support of the majority of Canadians. Almost 40% of eligible Canadian voters did not cast a ballot in the election and of those who did, fully 60% voted for parties other than the Conservatives. This means that over two-thirds of Canadians who were eligible to vote did not cast a vote for the Harper agenda.

In other words, this country and its values still belongs to the people. As our director of development, Jamian Logue, says, "Neither our democratic responsibilities nor our democratic opportunities ended on May 2. Democracy is a 24/7 pursuit. We have the right and responsibility to act beyond the ballot box."

Because she's so right. With sixty percent on our side, we can attack the Cons like they've never been attacked, stage mass protests everywhere, and make this country ungovernable.

I wanted to say all this, and offer up some ideas about how we can do that eh? But it was sunny, and 18 degrees, and after I beat S├ębastien into the icy lake, he took his revenge by wrestling me face down into the sand and refusing to let me blog.

And since I was feeling lazy I let him win, and we had a BBQ instead.

But I did play this song and it did give me a good idea....

What if we all put on monkey masks and made The Thousand Year Majority look like Planet of the Apes?

Oh well. I've got lots of even better ideas. Because who says resistance can't be devastating and FUN?

But right now the doctor says I need more summer. I think everybody does. Lazy is good. *Burp.*

We've got four years to make this country ungovernable.

So tomorrow...tomorrow...

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James said...

You know Simon, I just sat on my big balcony today in Montreal, surrounded by last summer's flowers starting to sprout in my flowr boxes, when Bruno Mars came on, and I said the same thing: I have four years to fight this asshole, I can take a day off and enjoy myself. My partner was in full agreeement. I think he even wept.

Simon said...

hi James...yes Spring in Canada is wonderful eh? And no doubt your partner was weeping with joy at getting you away from your computer.
Mine feels the same way. I don't know how to break the news to him.
Just five more years... ;)