Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rob Ford and the Hogtown Horror Show

A few days ago a foul smell had the good citizens of Toronto gasping and choking, and wondering where it was coming from.

Perhaps the smell was the ghost of the garbage strike, awakened by spring’s windy caress.

Or maybe it was more sinister, bubbling up from the bowels of Lake Ontario.

Whatever the case, when the citizens of the GTA awoke Wednesday to a crisp sunny day, they smelled crap.

The Ministry of the Environment finally declared it was just the smell of Spring in Hogtown.


But of course I blamed this Con hog...

Because you can't put lipstick on this one. It's an absolute horror show.

And ever since he came to power the stench has been overwhelming. A mixture of right-wing manure, stinky decisions, rancid gravy.

City council’s compliance audit committee unanimously voted Friday to order a full audit of Rob Ford’s campaign expenses, marking the first time a sitting City of Toronto mayor has had to undergo this kind of scrutiny.

And to make matters even more revolting, the pungent odour of homophobia. Which is where I leave Matt to pick up the story.

Can you believe it eh? A porker like that calling himself the Mayor of Toronto.

You know I've been a critic of the gay pride parade in the past. I'd like it to be less commercial and more political. But I've never felt like marching more than I do this year.

Please sign the petition. Send the crass bigot a message

This city belongs to ALL the people who live here.

And we will RESIST...

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Kev said...

Hi Simon,
Pride and Caribana are two the the best things ever to happen to Toronto making this city a much more vibrant place to live. We are now faced with the prospect of losing both to bigotry and intolerance.

While I take part in Caribana every year,I have yet to attend Pride. I will for sure do so this year as my small show of support

Simon said...

hi Kev...thanks for the solidarity but I must warn you the parade can be verrrrrry long, and if it's hot it can be brutal.

However, if you bring a super soaker it can also be a lot of fun.

And with this absurd Con klown running loose in Toronto, I think it's about time half a million people took to the streets to let him know what we think of him... :)