Sunday, May 22, 2011

Omar Khadr and the Airport Outrage

As if it wasn't bad enough that two Canadian governments allowed the war criminals at the Pentagon to imprison and torture a Canadian child soldier in a place like Guantanamo.

As if it wasn't disgraceful enough that so few Canadians spoke out against this travesty of justice. 

Now we're trying to stop others from speaking up for him, by preventing them from entering the country. With a travesty of a reason.

A well-travelled British human rights activist and former Guantanamo Bay detainee said he was barred from boarding a direct flight from London to Toronto Friday because of concerns the aircraft could be diverted to the U.S.

Begg said airline agents told him Canada’s High Commission in London informed them the issue was one of security. “They said to me the reason why they would not board me and take me to Canada is because, in the unlikely event they were rerouted to America, there could be a security concern,” Begg told the Star by telephone.

So let me get this straight. Now the United States determines who can or cannot enter Canada? And let's face it, this same argument could be used against any Canadian who is barred from entering the U.S. for say a marijuana conviction. Or anyone on that country's long list of enemies.

Oh boy. How low we have fallen. What a stooge Jason Kenney state we have become.

When will we become a real country?

When will we learn our lesson?

A child soldier is a child soldier.

And this is Canada not Amerika...

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Anonymous said...

Omar Khadr has been shamefully treated by both Liberal and Conservative governments. I take some small comfort from the fact that with the Liberals it seems to have been a case of intimidation and/or negligence, and they, at least, expressed regret and changed their policy, unfortunately only after being no longer in power. The Conservatives went out of their way to fight the courts in order to prevent any shred of justice for him, and they may yet find some way to undermine him further. Some of their supporters proposed charging him with treason after he returns. It might not be a big difference, but it is a difference all the same. It shows that some Canadians at least have the decency to feel ashamed of this case. Others, like the Conservative government and their most ardent supporters know nothing but hate.

silvia said...

Wow, I thought it was only our Australian Government that allowed the US to imprison without charge & to torture our citizens.