Tuesday, May 10, 2011

The NDP the Party of Canadian Youth

I came across this little old steam engine today. Every evening it steams into a nearby tent for a performance of The Railway Children.

Normally I would just admire its toy-like beauty. But after what happened last week, all I could think about was the journey we are on. Into The Great Darkness.

It's going to be a long five years, but this gives me hope.

A new poll suggests the NDP is the hands-down favourite party among an increasingly mobilized youth.

It indicates that support for the NDP among young people was leaps and bounds ahead of the other parties in every region of the country except Alberta and it grew during the campaign.

The old parties and the corporate media can mock them.

It's still an old person's Canada.

But nothing will attract more young people to politics than the sight of all those young MPs. Nothing will motivate them more than seeing their own kind attacked.

If Jack Layton and the Quebec surprise hadn't brought them to Ottawa how else would they have got there?

If the NDP can mentor them, and show them off, even more young people will join that party.

And by the time the train pulls into the next election, those who are 13-years-old today will get to to vote, and they could change EVERYTHING.

(click pic to enlarge)

Yup. It will be a long journey.

There will be some very dark times.

But I'm riding the little toy train with the youth of Canada.

And the future looks orange...

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sensible discussion said...

What young people really voted for was someone they could trust who would represent their issues, like jobs, health care and a compassionate government. These are the great strengths of the N.D.P. If Jack stays focused on these issues he and the N.D.P. will be successful. Well that's my advice, maybe he'll hear it next time he phones.

Simon said...

hi sensible...yes I agree. Most people don't seem to be aware that unemployment in the 18-25 age group is three times higher than the national average. I'm just glad somebody managed to motivate a lot of young Canadians because their disengagement threatens the future of all of us.
BTW...while you wait for Jack's phone call I'll pass on your message to him personally. Because Olivia Chow is my MP, and I'm hoping to be invited to tea at Stornoway... :)

Simon said...

hi sensible discussion...I replied to you the other day, but the Blogger crashed and wiped out the comment. And now I can't remember what I said. :)
Except that I agree with you, and while you wait for your phone call I'll pass on your message to Jack personally. You see my MP is Olivia Chow, and I'm expecting to be invited to tea at Stornoway as soon as she moves in...