Wednesday, May 11, 2011

EXCLUSIVE: Inside the Liberal Caucus Meeting

Golly. Who are the Liberals going to attack now that Ruth Ellen Brosseau has been welcomed with open arms in her riding?

"She is very composed and competent, and expresses herself very well in French," said Guy Richard, mayor of Louiseville, Que. "I think she wants to do well. We want to see her regularly in the region, but like any new candidate, she'll have to get used to the job."

Let me guess. Themselves?

Yes sadly it's true. And I've got the video to prove it.

Welcome to the Liberal caucus.

After the power failed...

The good news?

Alfred "Asparagus" Apps may have to be tossed.

But the others will get a second chance.

The unfortunate reality for those who cling to the past is exemplified by the handful of Progressive Conservatives who cried foul at the demise of their party in 2003. They were left on the sidelines sitting beside dodo birds and Commodore computers while the new Conservative Party of Canada went on to rule the country.

My hope is that the remaining members of the Liberal party will learn from this history, realize what has actually happened, and move forward into the future with heads held high and full of hope for a return to a liberal direction for Canada.

Gosh. I hope they go for it. Because voting for the Cons was such a bad idea.

Five years is such a long time.

And I love stories with happy endings...

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