Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Liberals and the Clouds of Spring

Look I realize it's been a wet Spring eh? There has been a cloud hanging over all our heads since Stephen Harper won his majority. And that if you're a Liberal that cloud is even bigger than the one that floated over my house the other day.

I know. I'm sorry. I live with one. I understand the pain and the bitterness.

But at this point, while we wait for the healing power of Summer, I'd just like to ask for  two small favours:

(1) Please stop attacking the NDP on the barren battlefield of national unity.

What a short honeymoon!

Having romped home with 59 of Quebec's 75 seats in the House, Jack Layton has fumbled his first attempt to reconcile the soft nationalist / sovereignist / independence leanings of many of his Quebec MPs in the NDP caucus.

Because its just playing the separatist game. Millions of Quebecers just gave federalism another chance by dumping the Bloc and voting for the NDP. That's a historic opportunity for this country. Some things are more important than partisan politics. And if the separatists are wailing like cry babies...

Wait for repeated forays on the NPD's separatist policy from dyed in the wool separatists, the independence chattering classes, and disappointed Bloc supporters.

It's only because they've just been given the biggest slap in the face EVAH. So please don't encourage them eh?

(2) Please read what Robert McClelland, of the happily resurrected blog My Blahg, has to say about the road to reconciliation.

(1) Set aside the petty feuds and bitter rivalries that have built walls between us. We can't expect our politicians to set aside their differences and work together while we continue to harbour grudges against each other.

(2) A progressive vision for Canada has been supplanted by a conservative one in our national discourse leaving voters with but one option to consider. We need to begin retaking the agenda by once again talking about shared progressive goals for our nation.

3) Lend support to your fellow progressive brethren. The urge to score cheap political points must give way to constructive dialogue between us.

Because nobody has said it better, and it is the only way to VICTORY.

You know...when I noticed that My Blahg was back, I told Robert that I was glad to see him writing again, because at this time in our history we need all the intelligent voices in the progressive blogosphere we can get.

To make up for mine eh?

But even I can figure out that united we are stronger than when we are divided.

And that at this sad point in the history of this country, we need to argue about sovereignty like we need a hole in the head.

But should just join together, and do what we can do to save it...

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susansmith said...

excellent posting Simon - I too am so glad Robert is back blogging! Absolutely wickedly progressive!

Simon said...

hi Jan...I'm glad you liked the post. I'm trying to be as positive as possible, but of course even my patience has its limits. ;)
And yes it's great Robert is back blogging. I certainly missed him...