Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Stephen Harper's House of Horrors

I missed the swearing in of Stephen Harper's new cabinet.

But I hear it was a real freak show.

John Baird is the new Minister of Foreign Affairs...

So he can blow his vuvuzela at the United Nations, and humiliate Canada further.

And Bev Oda is staying where she is, so she can keep whacking women's groups for the boys in the Con mob...

And because she knows too much, so Harper doesn't dare fire her. Nobody does.

But of course the real horror show, the most sordid spectacle, was the sight of three Con deadbeats getting appointed to the Senate.

Including one who didn't want the job.

You can smell the stench of corruption all the way to Alberta or Alabama.

But you know what the most depressing sight was? The sight of the progressive blogosphere screaming in outrage. As if we didn't know that the Harper Regime is rotten to the core.

As if we should be surprised.

Did you really think things were going to be any different, after these clowns got a majority? Did you really think they would take it as anything other than a licence to do whatever shit they wanted?

Did you?

Personally, I can't imagine anything worse than spending the next five years screaming helplessly at every monstrous move the tyrant makes. Because there are going to be a lot of them.

And because at this point I'm only really interested in how we can eventually defeat him.

So yes I will keep attacking him like everybody else. Silence in a time of tyranny is complicity and moral death. But I'm also looking for something new and different to help me survive the next five years.  

I don't think we need to prove that Stephen Harper is a rotten human being and a lousy leader. I think we need to prove that we can work together to drive him and his evil regime from power.

So that's what I'm going to try to do eh? Encourage new ideas, make videos about the Canada we lost, and how we can get it back. Join in street protests. Beat my drum. 

Or just find myself a little seed in the rubble of what was once Canada.

Protect it from its enemies.

And hopefully watch it grow...

Video by Lee Tao at Vimeo

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Wazz said...

Ontario is going to pay alright, and pay BIG TIME. Canadians in fact are going to be HORRIFIED at what happens next, with two of Mike Harris' slash and burn ex-Ontario ministers (Flaherty and Clement) in charge of finance and the Treasury Board. These two fools were part of the disaster show in Ontario under Mike Harris, which delighted on attacking the poorest of the poor and cutting every regulation in sight in order to line the pockets of big business, while running huge debts and deficits even during a North American economic UPSWING. This spectacle in Ottawa is a horror show, and Canadians are in for a real treat as they stand in shock to watch services, regulations, environmental standards and programs get hacked to pieces. The CON media already has heath care in the target lens. Ontarians and Canadians certainly are about to 'pay' for what they elected.

BrightenedBoy said...

I'm so sorry to hear that the conservatives won there.

Your people have been a beacon to us in the past. Hopefully they'll come to their senses the next go-round and boot Harper out.

Simon said...

hi Wazz...although I wasn't around for the Harris years, I have seen the legacy of that hideous thug government. And how we're still picking the victims off the streets. Any government that puts ideology before the needs of the poor and the vulnerable is simply despicable and only worthy of contempt.The MSM may claim that the Harperites will behave themselves, but it's not in their nature, so I don't believe it...

Simon said...

hi BrightenedBoy...thanks for your sympathy. We need it. It is indeed a horrible thing, and made worse by the fact that 61% Of Canadians didn't vote for the Cons.
But don't worry, I think progressives have learned their lesson at last, and the next time we'll whup them... :)