Wednesday, May 04, 2011

What Ignatieff Should Have Told Harper

In the kingdom of the grotesque that is Stephen Harper's Canada, I suppose ANYTHING is possible.

But surely this is testing the limits of decency.

They know it sounds petty. But it gets their goats a bit, according to one Conservative source, that the a leader who spent so much of the campaign saying he was an honorable guy, while criticizing their guy for being found in contempt of Parliament and for disrespecting democratic institutions, didn’t call.

The Tory added that “24” – referring to 24 Sussex Drive, the Prime Minister’s official residence – was not impressed.

And hypocrisy.

"24" was not impressed? Ignatieff shouldn't have criticized him for being the first Canadian leader to be found in contempt of Parliament? Or for raping our democracy like a rabid hyena?

From the political thugs who demonized Ignatieff for THREE years in the most vile and disgusting manner this country has ever seen? But still want to give Great Ugly Leader the majority humiliation he craves soooooo much.

Gawd. I'm so sorry Ignatieff changed his mind.

Mr. Soudas described the afternoon phone call to reporters as follows: "A few moments ago, Mr. Ignatieff called Prime Minister Harper to congratulate him on his election victory. The Prime Minister thanked Mr. Ignatieff for his contribution to public life. "

But that's Iggy eh? For all his flaws as a politician, he's a decent man who never understood the Ugly Canada he came back to. Or the horror of Stephen Harper.

For I'm quite sure that as soon Ignatieff hung up, and Great Harpo Leader zipped up his pants, this is how he reacted...

Because he does so love to see fear in the eyes of others. But humiliating them is even BETTER.

Oink. Grunt. Ooooh. AAAAAAAAAAAAH !!!!!

So what should Ignatieff have said?

"Hi Steve...cheesehead...smear artist...King of Nothing. I'm just calling to say that I think you are the vilest creature, and worst political thug I have ever met.

"You may have lied like a thief, fooled Canadians, bought and stolen an election, and defeated me. But others will come along, and your day will come. You filthy pig."


But of course, things don't work out that way. Not in the kingdom of the grotesque Canada has become. Where the corporate media considers this a big story.

Because their greedy grubber hog bosses are determined to destroy the NDP before they can even get to Parliament.

Snort. Squeal. Arrest them !!!!!!!

And of course, rednecks RULE...

Oh boy. Just remember not to blame the country eh?

It's still as beautiful as ever.

Our poor violated Canada...

Just hug it as hard as you can.

Because the Great Darkness is upon us.

And it's going to be a long four years...

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Bina said...

Frankly, I'm surprised at Iggy's surprise. He spent a lot of time in the US, where the political dirty tricks fly thick and fast. And he knows--or ought to--that Harpo gets all his inspiration from there. People who call Jack Layton naïve should take a closer look at Iggy and revise that. How could US-style dirty politics NOT rub off on Harpo?