Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Globe Contributor Takes On the Editorial Board

Like many people I was disgusted to see the Globe and Mail editorial board endorse Stephen Harper.

It was hard to believe a serious news organization, whose own reporters had catalogued such a long list of abuse, corruption, and contempt for Parliament, could come to such a conclusion.

And it was clear to me that the only reason they were endorsing Harper was because of his plans to cut corporate taxes.

And their Big Business masters were jerking their leashes...

It was porky, it was crass. And the fact that they would put profits before their country, at such a critical time in Canadian history, will shame them FOREVER.

So I'm glad to see a Globe contributor take on the editorial board.

This dishonesty transcends the kind of white lies that people expect of politicians; it suggests hostility toward the truth. Indeed, in some of the government’s stranger moments, the Conservatives appear to have lost touch with reality altogether, blinded by ideology while caught in their own spin cycle. Witness their response to being the first government in Canadian history to be found in contempt of Parliament. To the Tories, this was a mere difference of opinion. The Globe endorsement made no mention of that.

To me, this election goes beyond ideology: it’s about trust. The very fact that Mr. Harper and his entourage could behave in such a dishonest manner and still get The Globe’s endorsement is an indication of how cynical we've become about our political process under this government.

Both Michael Ignatieff and Jack Layton have given us far more reason to believe they are trustworthy, honest leaders who have a grip on the reality Canadians face.

Yay Matthew. Say it like is, or should have been.

If you believe in democracy, and love our beautiful Canada.

It's Anyone But Harper....

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  1. Better frame this column. Something tells me this will be the last from Mr. Hays at the Grope & Fail

  2. How did this get through the filter? Is the Globe now giving its own staff space to rebut its editorial stances? Who gets the opportunity to do so and how are the lucky people selected? A little transparency would be useful.

  3. hi ck...don't worry Matthew is a gay guy from Montreal, so I doubt he can be intimidated. Besides from what I hear he was doing them a favour...

  4. hi O.B....actually it's really quite simple. The reaction to that editorial has clearly shaken the Globe. It posted a small note about that. A lot of their readers are threatening to cancel their subscriptions. So allowing Hays to challenge the bootlickers is just a form of damage control...