Friday, April 29, 2011

Why Harper Could Still Get a Majority

Uh oh. I see that quite a few progressives are putting on their party hats, and popping the champagne, after reading this story.

Stephen Harper's Conservatives must win 23 more seats in Ontario to achieve their coveted majority, a task that senior party insiders now admit is almost impossible, the Star has learned.

“It all comes down to Ontario and we're just not there,” a source said, speaking on condition of anonymity because the party's internal polling is closely guarded.

But I'm keeping the beer in the box, because I don't believe a word. The Con Death Machine never leaks ANYTHING unless it suits their sinister purposes, and this is clearly designed to suppress the vote.

Nothing motivates most Canadians more than the thought of a Harper majority, but if some believe the danger has passed they may not bother to vote. Or they may vote with their hearts, rather than their heads, split the vote, and give Harper his bleeding majority on a plate.

It's happening in the Quebec City area, where the orange wave is threatening to wash away several Con seats, but may yet fall short because the Bloc and the Liberals could rob the NDP of the few more votes they need to win. 

The poll of 2,401 respondents in six ridings found the NDP leading in four of the six ridings but by slim margins. In the riding of Quebec, currently held by the Bloc’s Christiane Gagnon, and Louis St. Laurent, currently held by Verner, NDP candidates are tied with the incumbents.

And in Ontario, where the NDP and the Liberals divide up the progressive vote so evenly, the vote splitting threat is even more dire.

Also, over the weekend when Canadians have more time to watch TV, the Con Death Machine aided by the Liberals, the Bloc, and the corporate media, will launch the greatest concerted assault on a political party this country has ever seen. In a last ditch effort to scare voters...especially seniors... away from the NDP.

And even an incident like this one could prove disastrous. Used to fuel that fear.

Because this is an an election that will be fought all the way to B.C. And whose outcome NOBODY can predict.

So no, I'm not putting on my party hat just yet. Sometimes I'm so filled with hope I think I don't need a boat to get to the island...

I could just walk across the water eh? Or surf the orange wave.

But other times I'm filled with fear and foreboding, because the insanity of a divided left facing a united right could still come back to haunt us. And snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. 

I don't know what else to say. I'm going to have think it over, and write about it on the weekend.

But some things are obvious. We cannot afford to relax, the danger is still very real. We need to keep warning Canadians about the dangers of a Harper majority. We must work even harder to get out the vote.

And on election day we must be prepared to vote SMART, and put our Canada before our parties.

Or we could still wake up on Tuesday, mourning our shattered hopes, in a country we soon won't recognize...

Can we win? YES WE CAN.

We've never been closer. Even in the moral darkness of Harperland, just beyond the horizon I can see the distant glow of a new and better day rising.

But fight them like there was no tomorrow. Put hope before fear.

Now more than ever, hammer those Con bastards...

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  1. Anonymous7:26 PM

    Well, Ignatieff, bless his heart, is still working away as hard as ever. But, I think this is out of our hands now. The CPC heavily targeted a lot of Liberal seats that didn't even make it onto the strategic voting sites because they were considered so safely Liberal. The CPC seems to have very good behind the scenes inroads into various religious and ethnic groups and, whoever is behind them, the voter suppression techniques work as well. While some Conservatives I know were planning to vote Liberal, they are changing their minds with the Liberal downfall and the NDP rise. I think one may find even safe Liberal seats falling to the CPC. Maybe Ignatieff's red running shoes will save us, but I wouldn't count on it.

  2. hi anonymous...Ignatieff won't be able to save anyone I' afraid. The Cons made sure of that long ago. The CPC Death Machine is bigger than all the others combined, they have done what Karl Rove did in the United States. They can put a finger on a map and tell you who the people on that block are and what their issues are. I don't call it the Death Machine for nothing, and it may yet snatch a majority for their master. Canadians did finally react, but it may be too late...