Saturday, April 02, 2011

Chicken Harper and the Mercer Challenge

Holy St Hubert. Fan me with a feather. I see Stephen Harper is taking the day off.

And who can blame him eh? After spending the first week screaming squawking " The Coalition is coming. Gimme my MAJORITY !!!!"

Only to lay this egg.

A new Ipsos Reid poll conducted for Global National and Postmedia News indicates the majority of Canadians would prefer to see a Liberal-NDP coalition government (54 per cent) than a Conservative majority government (46 per cent).

And after challenging Ignatieff to a cock fight, only to turn tail and run. I bet you he's losing a few more feathers over this one.

Because a bully is a bully, and always a COWARD.

Golly. I'm liking the way this election campaign is going sooooooo much.

It's making me hungry eh?


Now can we call him Great Chicken Leader?

Hey !!!! Save me a right wing.


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  1. Hi Simon, great graphic and man do I miss St.Huberts.

    Even long time conservative are starting to become tired of the big bad coalition scare mongering

  2. hi Kev...I'm glad you liked my Con Run cartoon. And thanks for the YouTube link. I know that there are some decent and sane Conservatives, but where have they been hiding for the last five years.
    As for St Hubert BBQ...I miss it too.I like to rile my uber federalist friends by telling them it's the BEST. And provoke my separatist ones by telling them that Swiss Chalet is definitely BETTER. But of course I like them BOTH... :)