Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sun TV Nooz: Even Worse than Expected !!

Well I finally got a chance to watch Sun TV Nooz. After calling my cable channel to make sure I wasn't paying for it eh?

And all I can say is they should change the name of Ezra Levant's show from The Source to The Sauce. Because anyone who watches this low budget production is going to need it. Glug. Glug. Glug.

I mean I always knew it was going to be bad. But who knew it would be so BORING?

So cheap.

The overall look of SNN, at least in these early days, is of a network trying to do more with less. The sets and lighting are Spartan, and the fact that the hosts of various shows keep popping up on other hosts' shows leaves one wondering if we're watching a news network or a sketch-comedy show (seriously, when is SCTV's Earl Camembert going to take a turn behind the anchor desk?).

And so Ezra.

Levant, sensing that Canadians might be ill-prepared for Sun News, cautioned viewers: "Don't hide under your beds ... This is not an invasion of Martians ... We're about truth and freedom ..."

Enough. We get the point. Levant seeks to polarize - that is his agenda. He is self-aggrandizing and sanctimonious - also his agenda - but he runs the risk of becoming tiresome real fast. That could be his tragic flaw.

Because let's face it, that nerd is EVERYWHERE.

His stream of consciousness ravings are so absurd, the spittle flies so furiously. The only way to safely enjoy The Sauce is to hire a  screen cleaner.

Mute the sound, and laugh at his funny faces. 

And if that wasn't bad enough, or the set wasn't garish enough, the supporting cast of this Con klown network is so ridiculous.

The anchors shout a lot for people who mostly agree with each other, as if music someone else had chosen was playing too loudly. The women smile and nod a great deal. They all wear bright short skirts. None of them have sleeves. About 70 per cent of Sun TV’s programming feels like being trapped at a second cousin’s wedding reception.

Even a kid can see through them.

My son came downstairs while I was watching Sun TV. Fifteen minutes into his oatmeal, not five years from voting age, he laughed and said, “Wow, they’re like little kids who’ve built a cardboard fort, and now they’re pretending dragons are attacking it.”

Yup. Just as I predicted.

Sometime, in the next SIX months. (I'd say three but I don't want to discourage them)

When Ezra Levant is reduced to doing the weather.

In a sleeveless dress...and pearls.

You'll know it's all over...

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  1. Wow Ezzy is really rockin in that little black dress id'n he

  2. Anonymous1:14 PM

    Simon did you see the photo of Harper in BC taking questions

  3. Anonymous3:27 PM

    And the story behind that photo

  4. hi Kev...well I have to admit it's not one of my better efforts, I was too beat to get fancy...or give him a blond wig.
    But honestly, only in the age of reality television would somebody try to turn a Con nerd like that into a TV star. And only a viewer rebellion will restore my faith in this country... ;)

  5. hi anonymous...well thanks to you I did. And thanks to you I was able to turn it into a post. Now that's what I call working together to defeat the tyrant.Or the man behind the fence.
    Thanks again. That was brilliant. :)

  6. hi anonymous...thanks for the story, even though I saw it after I wrote the post. I actually saw the CPAC video where the easter egg hunt was delayed so Great Ugly could deal with the nasty. When I heard it being announced I groaned, when the Con operative jumped in to stop it I laughed.
    But I didn't include it because the post would have been too long. And besides I'm doing this to try to help save our country, not to please myself... ;)

  7. Where you see form, I see substance. We taped, watched, and then re-watched Ezra. "Steve Rockwell can go to hell" - Hilarious! Exposing Earth Day, slamming Cuban tourists, and putting up the Mo' cartoons again - Priceless! No wonder you're mad, namecalling and crappy photoshopping . . ... Ezra's got you nailed to the barn door, and he's gonna skin your liberal carcass and then tan the hide. Love it - Go Ezra, Go Sun TV!!

  8. hi Don...well I'm glad somebody is enjoying this network. A lot. Somebody has got to pay for Ezra's salary. ;)
    But seriously...I'm not one of those who wants to suppress right-wing opinion. But as many conservatives have pointed out, bush league is bush league. As a loyal fan you should demand better...

  9. Wow, Don, can you tell me what drugs you're on? The reason I ask is so I can avoid them. Yeek.