Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Dimitri Soudas and the Latest Con Scandal

Oh.My.Goomba. I don't know how Harper's parrot chihuahua Dimitri Soudas managed to dodge the summons from the Ethics Committee.

But maybe they some higher authority could issue another one, and ask him to explain this latest scandal.

An investigation by Radio-Canada suggests that Dimitri Soudas, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s spokesman, tried to pressure board members of the Montreal Port Authority to name Robert Abdallah, a former director general at Montreal city hall, as its new president.

Former Tory cabinet minister Michael Fortier also confirmed to Radio-Canada that board members were approached by those claiming “Harper preferred Mr. Abdallah.”

Oh boy. Talk about Con the Waterfront eh?

Dimitri, Dimitri, you could have been a CONTENDAH.

And so soon after making a fool out of yourself. Again.

Back to Dimitri Soudas: "We've since reviewed the tape to confirm the mistake. We are updating our Coalition Watch."

But then he adds this line to buttress his point.

"The substance of the argument does not change: Mr. Ignatieff said today he will try to become PM even if he loses the election."

Which is only sorta true.

Oh boy. I wish I could update this picture of the Con mob.

But I give up eh?

There's just too many of them...

But don't worry. I will find a way to put up their wanted posters.

First we defeat them, and then we arrest them.

Dimitri Soudas.... Steve's man on the waterfront.

And his master's little voice...

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  1. As usual Harper will deny, deny, deny having anything to do with it.

  2. Anonymous12:27 PM


    Sorry to be off topic, but...

    You may have heard about the illegal shooting in Durham's Nonquon conservation area.

    Most of the videos have been scrubbed at youtube.

    This one hasn't:

    Note the types of weapons, some certainly must be illegal, although I am no expert. Note the "Dead Soldier" cupcakes. Disgusting. That's not patriotic. Who do they imagine they are shooting? Are they aping the racist American militias? Are they terrorists in the sense of the Toronto 18 terrorist plot?

    This is Bev Oda's riding, not for long I hope, and the cons want to encourage this type of behavior?

    Please comment.


  3. hi sassy...of course he will. For him the truth is an inconvenient detail, and the Big Lie is compulsive. I must say I rather like that t-shirt. But with the slogan AND the black shirt I don't want to be confused with a Con supporter... ;)

  4. Simon - your could N E V E R be confused with a Con supporter!!

    Trust me on that one. :)