Thursday, April 28, 2011

Stephen Harper: Big Oil's Sleazy Pimp

Can you believe the nerve of Stephen Harper? The oil pimp from Calgary, Big Oil's favourite fellator, accusing Jack Layton of causing pain at the pumps.

Stephen Harper is warning an NDP-led coalition government would raid Canadians’ pocketbooks and savage the economy as the Conservative Leader tries to curb surging support for Jack Layton that imperils his long-sought Tory majority.

He’s predicting, for instance, that the NDP’s cap-and-trade system to restrict greenhouse gas emissions would boost gas prices in Canada by 10 cents a litre.

When he doesn't know what he's talking about.

His sucking and blowing of his Big Oil masters is allowing them to gouge us.

And his failure to rein in the Dirty Oil Sands that are helping pushing our dollar up, is killing our manufacturing jobs.

The high exchange rate for the Canadian dollar is making it much harder to reduce our unemployment rate and create new jobs in the manufacturing heartland of Quebec and Ontario.

Rather, there's a danger the high dollar will cause manufacturing businesses to fail or shift more activities abroad. In the case of foreign-owned subsidiaries, there's an incentive to consolidate operations in the U.S. and close plants here.

Why does Stephen Harper hate Ontario and Quebec so much? Why can't working class kids have decent jobs, instead of flipping hamburgers? Why is he letting his Big Oil buddies in Alberta gouge us? Why is he running around in a Texan cowboy hat shouting hee haw, and giving Canadians the finger? Why does he hate Canada soooo much?

Yup. If I was the opposition parties I would hit Harper with those questions all the way to the election. Because on this issue, like health care, he has no credibility.

I mean would YOU trust an oil pimp, from Calgary, to crackdown on Big Oil, and force them to stop ripping us off?

And we can force him to spend the last days of the campaign defending himself, and  turn that pain at the pumps... into even more pain at the polls...

Hee haw. We got that Calgary oil pimp where we want him.

Now let's hit him where it HURTS...

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  1. Ya wanna talk pimpin', Simon? Have a gander...


  2. hi Neil...thanks for the link. What can I say that I haven't said about these corrupt Cons? Except that as an honest person they disgust me, and I hope after they are defeated we can put as many as we can in prison...