Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Con Costume Party and the Internet Massacre

As you may know the Cons have invited us ethnics to attend their rallies dressed in our native costumes.

“The opportunity is to have up to 20 people in national folklore costumes which represent their ethnic backgrounds. These people will sit in front row behind the PM — great TV photo op.”

So I'm going dressed like the guy above. To inflame Jason Kenney.

And Antonia Zerbisias is going with me, in her colourful ethnic costume

So she can be my chaperone eh?

Jason...Jason...did you know I'm not wearing ANYTHING under my kilt? Whoa. Down boy DOWN !!! Be good or I'll tell the Pope. And he'll be sooooo jealous.

Seriously though...what can you say about these racist Cons?

Who would use new Canadians as props, parade them around like stereotypes, and then flush them like used rubbers when they're finished.

Except what ghastly hogs they are.

And I sure love this group...

BTW. Have you noticed how we're thrashing the Cons on the internet?

Social media is wreaking havoc on the Conservative Party’s closely orchestrated election output with anti-Harper videos going viral and a website citing a litany of Harper criticisms crashing Wednesday under viewer traffic.

Golly. It's an internet MASSACRE. And the best is yet to come. 

Woohoo!!!!  Hooray for us !!!!!

By whatever legal, hard, or fun ways necessary.

Defeat those hideous Cons...

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  1. Why can't the Cons just get the 1980's Bigot family from the old CTV show Bizarre? I really liked the drunk Irish father and the young black guy with his watermelon ghetto-blaster. Luba Goy played a really hot Jewish princess.

  2. Anonymous10:16 AM

    The message content is good...

    BUT the message intent has to be,


    KEY WORD - get out and "VOTE"

    BemusedLurker (social liberal - fiscal conservative - puts me solidly in the swing vote party)

  3. SD:

    It wouldn't work, because at the end of the day the Bigot family actually cared about each other despite it all, which is more than can be said about the Harper CPC and most (if not all) minorities. Not a fair comparison or use at all if the CPC were to do so, and it would be an insult to the Bigots too! (What is really sad is that it really would be an insult if they were a real family instead of a comedic routinue, we have fallen very far in this country thanks to electorate ignorance of what the Harper CPC really is and does whatever the reasons for that ignorance, and one of my irritations is those that refuse to vote because they refuse to vote for the lesser evil, it is too much enabling the greatest evil to win as in it only takes good people to do nothing for evil to win!)

    BTW, nice reference! I loved Bizarre when it was first run, and the Bigots were one of my favourite repeating sketches too. John Byner was a real hoot!

  4. hi Skinny Dipper...I never saw that show, but I do love the name, and I would have given anything to see a watermelong ghetto-blaster. The hot Jewish princess not so much. ;)
    But yes, why can't the Cons be more Canadian instead of being so obviously Republican?
    And why can't more Canadians see right through them?

  5. hi anonymous...very good point. I need to be reminded about that myself sometimes. The absolutely key thing in this campaign is to motivate people to VOTE. Not just by writing about it, but by getting out there and convincing people face to face. Or helping to get out the vote on election day.
    BTW "social liberal-fiscal conservative" you're not my dad are you? ;)

  6. hi you I can't understand progressives who can't bring themselves to support a person like Ignatieff because they believe he's the same or worse than Harper. Or those who would never vote for the NDP because they believe they couldn't manage the economy.
    In the face of an evil regime like Harper's Cons, you can hold your nose if you wish, but you do all you can to stop it. They may fancy themselves as the truly principled, but they are nothing more than Con collaborators...