Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Jason Kenney's Grotesque Homophobia

He has always been the sleaziest homophobic zombie in a ReformCon government that is full of them.

A grubby religious fanatic, a 43-year-old bachelor, who smells of talcum powder, and has never missed an opportunity to hurt gay people.

During the debate over gay marriage he taunted them by saying they could get married if they married somebody of the opposite sex. Two years ago he symbolically exterminated gay people by disappearing them from the Citizens Guide.

In this election he's been telling new immigrants to vote THEIR social conservative values. i.e. strip gays of all their rights, and send women back to the 1950s.

And now this grubby Con bigot, has been caught with his homophobic pants around his ankles. Exposed as a supporter of another greasy homophobe.

Among the comments attributed to Earle in the Tribunal’s finding of facts:

“Put a cock in her mouth and shut her up;”

You’re a fat ugly cunt. No man will fuck you;”

“Do you have a strap-on? You can take your girlfriend home and fuck her in the ass;”

“Are you on the rag? Is that why you’re being a fucking cunt?”

Can you believe that? A government minister standing up for a man accused of debasing gay people and women, in such a coarse and brutish manner. 

But of course I'm not surprised. I've heard that Kenney's office has been preparing a Defence of Religion bill that would allow Christianist fanatics to enter schools and tell gay kids that God hates them, and wants them killed. And nobody will be able to stop them.

Even though that hatred could drive bullied gay kids to kill themselves.

And now of course that cowardly bigot is hiding in his rat hole.

Kenney did not respond to an e-mail request from NOW for comment and as of Tuesday morning (April 26) had yet to return a call to his campaign office in Calgary requesting a response.

Oh boy. Anyone who believes that if Stephen Harper and his foul RepubliCons get a majority they wouldn't kill gay marriage and hurt gay children, is either a useful idiot or a Con collaborator.

Fight them, fight them, fight them. For the sake of our poor bullied kids.

Defeat those filthy bigots...

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  1. Peter Mansbridge: "Mr. Kenney, what do you think was the most artistic part of Mr. Earle's sterling comedic performance? When he called her a "fucking dyke cunt who is on the rag" or when he called her a "fat, butch, cunt-dyke who should fuck her partner in the ass with a strap-on?"

    Jason Kenney: "I don't like talking about all those lady-bits."

  2. Whenever I see a screaming homophobe, I think to myself, "Now THERE's a truly sad closet case!" Because, you know, those who shriek the loudest usually are. And Jason sure has a lot of interesting symptoms going on there...