Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Unbearable Lightness of Adam Radwanski

I don't usually read Adam Radwanski. I find his columns so light I can see him sitting there writing them with rocks in his pocket, so he doesn't rise like a helium balloon and stick to the ceiling.

Adam...Adam...when you've finished your column can you please change the lightbulb? Because it's getting rather dim in here.

I can also see him as a fop at a guillotine party. Dazzled at the way the heads are bouncing like tennis balls, while holding a posy to his nose, and loudly lamenting " I say chaps, sport is sport, but does it really have to be so BLOODY?"

Not realizing he's NEXT.

And to make matters worse, he spends most of his time covering the politicians car salesmen at Queen's Park, whose low level of political intercourse is enough to fool a moron into thinking he's a genius.

Because surely only that can explain this idiot column.

Or this stunning paragraph:

It’s healthy that the Conservatives are finally being recognized as the mainstream party they’ve become. After five years of mostly competent government, nobody outside the fringes is warning that giving them more power would render Canada unrecognizable.

To describe that sinister Con regime as mainstream and competent is bad enough. As Pogge points out here.

But to describe  all the decent Canadians who are fighting to save their country from Harper's clammy clutches as fringe elements, is simply beyond the pale.

What is that fop holding up under his nose? A thistle or a cauliflower? Or is he so close to Great Ugly Leader he can't see the forest for his BUTTOCKS?

Because history will record that with some honorable exceptions, most of the pathetic MSM in this country spent most of the last five years on their knees, kissing Harper's florid ass, and calling him a political genius. Instead of a ghastly authoritarian maniac who has debased this country and its democracy more than any other.

And that's all I want to say eh?

Except that if I'm wrong about Stephen Harper, I will be happy to be called an idiot for the rest of my life. Because all I want is a decent Canadian leader, not a Republican-style dictator.

But if Radwanski is wrong about this:

The pendulum need not swing back toward irrational fear, which is where opposition leaders might try to push it in the debates. Canada, after four years of a majority government led by Mr. Harper, would not be unrecognizable.

Like so many others in our cowed corporate media, he will have to replace his cracked crystal ball with some real balls. Or change more than a few lightbulbs.

For his words will haunt him.

And his shame will last FOREVER....

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