Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Stephen Harper and the Demon Beast

Well there he was again today. Sharing his dark vision of Canada.

Rambling and raving like a maniac... or a King.

Harper is warning that if Canadians don’t give him a majority government on May 2, a nefarious “coalition” of opposition parties will seize power and run the country into a “black hole” of economic peril and national unity crises.

And as usual the MSM, who have allowed him to get away with this dark derangement syndrome for years, failed to understand why he is doing it. Failed to see the danger. 

Now if Stephen Harper can win a majority on his record god bless him and happy days. That said, he’s not going to win holding up the coalition bogey as our version of a Honduran coup d’etat. Like they say in Texas, that dog won’t hunt.

Even though there IS a black hole...the one Harper is digging. And the dog WILL hunt.

Except it's not a dog he's trying to whistle up.

It's a demon beast that could tear this country apart.

“The results of this experiment expose the myth of multicultural and bilingual tolerance in Canada,” Wheeldon argued, saying that many of the comments had veered into hatred and rage toward Quebecers.

“What cannot be doubted is that the power of anti-BQ language quickly morphs, among some, to broader anti-Quebec sentiment,” Wheeldon writes. “This experiment suggests the demonization of the BQ as expressed by our political leaders in 2008 has been internalized by many Conservative supporters. It continues online and may threaten the basis for the reasonable compromises required to govern a diverse country like Canada.”

Harper is trying to arouse that demon beast hoping that it will give him his majority. And knowing that if he gets a minority, it's rabid anti-Quebec rage could prevent a coalition from bringing his government down.

To me it's obvious. I remember how it worked for Harper during the coalition crisis. Gave him the biggest numbers he ever got. Nor can I forget how I had to hide the Saturday Globe and Mail from Sébastien, so he wouldn't see all the vile anti-Quebecois comments. And think less of the country he loves.

So why is the MSM so blind? Because like so many in English Canada they have absorbed those feelings, like a baby sucks up its mother's milk. So they can't criticize others for feeling like they do.

As the pig's head told that other Simon in Lord of the Flies.

The monster is US...

You know the other day I made two versions of a video. I posted one first and then replaced it with another one. Because Sébastien told me the ending was too violent, simplistic, and shocking.

He's right about the simplistic part. Separatism is not terrorism. Quebecers aren't violent. If Quebec does separate we probably won't kill each other, we'll just drown in our own bile. 

But as for the shocking screaming part, I still think it's entirely appropriate...

Because Canadians really do need to wake up before its too late.

Stephen Harper IS suckling a demon beast.

And unless he is defeated or tamed.

He will destroy our country...

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Emma said...

Excellent post as always!

Erico said...

Why does it seem like so many people are blind to the possible (probable) negative ramifications for Canada if Harper ever got a majority? I can't believe anyone aware of his agenda (his comments over the past ten years, his actions, his cover-ups), would even give him any consideration for Prime Minister, let alone give any of his stooges a vote in any riding. Any sane persons that is...

Simon said...

hi Emma...thanks. As you can imagine the idea of Harper cleaving the two solitudes apart bothers me a lot. Especially since I've got one foot in each one, and that could be painful. ;)
I'm working on another video, this one about women's rights, so keep your fingers crossed... :)

Simon said...

hi Erico...that's a hard question, but I think you answer it with your last few words. I simple can't understand how ANYONE could put up with the Harper horror show, and even think of giving him a majority. I think it has a lot to do with the complacency of wealth, and the Americanization of our politics, but I think insanity covers it all...