Friday, April 01, 2011

Stephen Harper, the Madness, and the Method

As Stephen Harper continues his bizarre Goebbels Circus Satanic Tour of Canada, muzzling the media, and raving about the dangers of the dreaded Separatist Coalition.

And how the only way to save Him Canada from its deadly clutches, is to give him a juicy majority, and then take away its money.

Stephen Harper is blaming per-vote taxpayer subsidies for causing frequent elections and is promising to cut this assistance if he wins a majority government.

It's critically important to remember that what he's really trying to do is make a coalition sound scarier and less stable than a majority. And that there is method to his madness.

Harris-Decima chairman Allan Gregg said the results lead him to believe Canadians are looking for some stability after seven tumultuous years of minority governments, punctuated by four inconclusive elections.

Five or six years ago, he said Canadians tended to like minority governments, believing they were "more accountable, that they were more open, they were more likely to compromise."

Now, Gregg said: "The bloom is off the minority government rose."

It's the old fascist formula eh? First you attack Parliament, degrade it, shut it down, show your contempt for it, and turn it into a ghastly circus.

Then you come forward and offer yourself as the only leader, who can bring order from CHAOS.

Mein Country. Mein Majority. Mein Massacre. Mein EVERYTHING.

So what do we do? First we expose this charade for what it is, the most sinister kind of deranged totalitarian nonsense this country has ever seen.

Second, we make sure that every Canadian understands what a Conservative majority might look like. And that it would be a MILLION times scarier than a coalition. An absolute nightmare, and the end of everything we know and love. 

Thirdly, we shout it out loud and proud that we do not wish to live a moment longer in the deranged moral darkness of Harper's Canada. 

And then we get organized, we get out there in the street, we put up posters, we help our favourite progressive party, we convince our neighbours and friends to get out there and VOTE.

And that includes young Canadians. All three million of them. The challenge has been issued.

And I'm happy to report that the students at the University of Guelph.

Have already answered the call...

Yup.The challenge has been issued and accepted.

Out of the darkness and into the light.

We will not lose our Canada easily.

And in the end we will defeat them...


  1. Good job on the part of those students but I sure wish they hadn't directed voting youth to that stupid CBC Compass survey.

    It's really poorly designed and does not inform anyone what each parties' policies are really about. In fact, most progressive people I know who took it came out Elizabeth May (Tory Lite) Green. I purposely tried to respond as supportive of the Bloc and came out as NDP. I did the follow up and the Party positions were not very well defined at all.

  2. hi Beijing...Luckily I'm too lazy to fill out that survey ;)
    I'm sorry to hear that its poorly designed, but not surprised. Any news organization that would hire the Con dwarf Rex Murphy to pose as an impartial political commentator must have something seriously wrong with it.
    Besides this election is not going to be fought on the issues. It will be decided on whether Canadians can trust Stephen Harper with a majority, and whether he's fit to remain in power.
    A Harper majority IS scarier than a coalition.
    Harper is a dangerous maniac. And the sooner we can start getting that message out, the better our chances of stopping him.
    But as for the Guelph students...I wouldn't hold the Compass thing against them.
    At this point for me it's the enthusiasm that counts.
    And all I can say is McGill better come up with an even better one, or I'll be VERY annoyed... :)

  3. I hope you are right about the youth vote finally putting in an appearance, because if there was ever a time for it it is certainly now, as I have an even dimmer view of Harper than you do and have been saying so since well before he ever became PM. You are so right, no possible coalition could be anywhere near as frightening or more importantly dangerous and destructive to the welfare of Canada and Canadians than a Harper majority. I'm hoping also that people are getting tired of the FUD Harper constantly spews both in elections and everywhen else too, and that they also stop and wonder what other than destroying the Liberal party and questing for a majority has Harper offered as an overarching policy framework, I mean I've never heard of a government lasting several years without having formed some type of general policy image structure, but where is Harper's?

    We live in a crucial time in this nation's history, and what most worries me is that this election is the very last chance to save our future, because if Harper retains power or even worse gets his majority I seriously fear that this nation will start to fragment starting with Quebecois Separatism rising and succeeding and spreading out from there. What a Harper majority would do would do more to help the rise of the separatists IMHO than anything since the War Measures Act in 1970, and undercut most of the federalist argument for staying, especially among those that normally might be pro federalist but cannot stand the idea of living under a majority Harper regime (like ck of Sister Sage's Musings has said for example), because lets face it Quebec generally is a more progressive/liberal (small l) society than the rest of Canada and would find the goals of a Harper controlled Parliament truly repulsive.

    Even if I am wrong about all that though, the damage a Harper majority would do in further devolving powers to the Provinces to prevent any future national programs like medicare from ever being created federally would be a major weakening force, it is not like we aren't already one of if not the weakest/most decentralized western democracy to begin with. Not to mention the precedents he would be creating that make the ones he has already given us in his blatant contempt for the rules and laws that govern Parliament look like nothing by comparison. We already know he believes that he and his government are more important and unaccountable to Parliament (since he said so in his submission of defence on the Afghan detainee document ruling last year) despite the reality that all government power/authority is derived from Parliament in our system.

    As I said already, I have an even darker view of the man than you do, and I have read your blog for more than long enough to get a sense of just how dark a view you take of him.

  4. hi Scotian...if you have a darker view of Harper than I do, if we can't get the vote out, I shall be honoured to share my jail cell with you. ;)
    Seriously though, you are absolutely right. Everything you say is true. My greatest fear is that Harper will turn this coalition scaremongering into an English Canada versus Quebec confrontation as he did during the coalition crisis, win a majority, and leave Quebec isolated. Gilles Duceppe will almost certainly be the next leader of the PQ, and we will find ourselves facing the possible disintegration of this country. I am encouraged by the first week of the campaign, but I don't think the progressive side is making its case clearly and strongly enough. I realize that warning people of the dangers of a Harper majority might be construed as throwing in the towel at this early stage. But nothing should stop progressives from asking why does the Dark Lord REALLY want a majority so much?
    After all the nonsense he has been spewing I think it's a reasonable question.
    It is a dire situation, but I am consoled that most decent, intelligent Canadians are appalled by Harper and his horrible alien gang. So we are not alone...

  5. Craig4:02 PM

    The latest poll confirms my thinking about the centre-left and left votes coalescing, although the Conservatives are up to 41%. That is a near-majority (150-154 seats), but with the Liberals in the 30s still against a slowly dropping NDP and a self-destructing Green Party (down to under 4%), there may be enough votes with the Liberals to keep Harper from getting 155 seats.

    If it becomes clear the Conservatives will be in the 40s, then all the anti-Harper votes at the centre-left and left need to coalesce behind one party and one candidate, since the Liberals would need to be in the high 30s themselves at least (and within 4-7 points) to get enough seats to hold them to a minority after accounting for the Bloc seats (which would decrease some anyway). Layton and May get sacrificed as a result.

    If the Liberals and Conservatives are TIED, the Liberals have a slight advantage due to the massive majorities the Conservatives get in the rural ridings and especially in Alberta, unless the Liberals get back to 2000 levels in Ontario.